Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today was the day . . .

So were you on edge of your seat this morning when they announced the new Dancing With Stars cast (and their pro partners!)....just me? really?  Hmmm, well, we'll just move on then.

As always i was a little disappointed by some of their "stars" but i do end up warming up to some of them.  However this season i have a few faves...and one very very VERY special one. 

Sherri Shepherd - I think she will be pretty entertaining.

Gavin Degraw

Maria Menounos - (wasn't her Oscar dress beautiful?!)

AND (my fave)
DOUBLE D- Donald Driver - 
He seems like such a great guy, funny, and who doesn't love a guy who does commercials that tell you to wear your seat belt.  ;)

Ok...I know to most some of you either don't care or don't know who he is.  But, if you love the Green Bay Packers or football you do!  I'm happy only Mason was here to witness my reaction - and he's not talking. 

So, do you guys have any favorites yet?  Do you even watch DWTS?  Do you even own a TV?  (I sure hope so) :)

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Katie said...

I don't usually watch it but because Driver is going to be on I'm SO watching it! Woo hoo!!! :D

Barbie said...

I'm with Katie! I don't usually watch it but now that he's on there I will :)

Cori H. said...

I'm excited about all of these too! I'm also excited about Urkel being on there, haha! :)

❤AdamAlexMommy❤ said...

i love s. shepherd and m. menunous, too! she did look gorge at the oscars... just stunning. :)


A Girl Named Allie said...

I did not know they were announcing it today! other wise I would've been the same way! thanks for letting me know!

Recently Roached said...

Hahaha. You're hilarious. :)
Glad the new cast didn't disappoint :)

Kodie said...

I honest to God FREAKED out this morning when I read about Donald Driver (we probably had similar reactions...lol). No joke it put me in the BEST mood today. With all the Packers fans voting for him he's sure to go far!

And my Dad met him quite a few years back and said he is the most down to earth guy. He comes off that way on TV and is the exact same way in person. At the game I went to when they carted him off the field after he got hurt he was having them stop along the end zone so he could stand up and high five people in the stands :) It'll be a sad day when he retires (I already know I'll cry).

Bri Buzali said...

ahhhh how exciting! Especially about Gavin Degraw, I love him! I think i'm going to have to watch now :)

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