Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

This actually was from around Thanksgiving but apparently I lost it my drafts.  
Enjoy :)

Mason and Daddy!
Mason and his personalized stool made by Great Grandpa John!
Mason & Elmo.  Yes, Elmo does have a pacifier and yes, Mason put it in there himself.
Covering himself with a book.
His new Elmo tent.

Ally wanted to try it out for herself.  :)    


Trish said...

He's way to adorable! My uterus is like "Trish, get me one of those!"

Barbie said...

Mason is so cute!

Monica said...


Katie said...

So squishy! I love him!

kyna... said...

Love that hat he is wearing in the first pic! so cute!
♥ Kyna

Cori H. said...

He's so cute!

Recently Roached said...

He looks so much like you! What a doll.

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