Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bad vs. Good

Hi.  How are you?  I'm good. I'm done pretending I am writing a hand written letter.  (who even does that anymore? :)  Ok me...because I have a pen pal)   Do you want a pen pal?  Let me know...because I have super cool sharpies to use.  I'm not joking.

Well today I am here to share a little about my last few days.  The Bad.  And the Good.  First the bad, just to get past it.

*  My uncle who I haven't seen in 3 years couldn't believe I wasn't pregnant.  "You're not pregnant?!"  No, but thanks for ruining my day.  And thanks for making me drown my sorrows in a bottle of wine.

* The asshole gas station cashier who asked for my ID while buying said alcohol.  "Oh I would have guessed you were much older".  Oh really?  Well F You.

*  Another uncle (had a semi-family reunion this past weekend, can you tell?) treating me like a child who needs lessons.  Actually Uncle, I am in my late twenties, have a Bachelors degree, and somehow (unbeknownst to me) keep a child alive.  Leave me alone.

* The German language hates me.  I love it.  But things like this really make me want to quit it.

The In-between

* Right before I had Mason I worked at a Pet Store (aka where the pets go)  I actually liked it except this Manager, who actually, years ago,  was the Maid of Honor in my Aunt and Uncles wedding (where I was a flower girl)  For some reason she just doesn't' like me.  So a year ago, I reapplied. Didn't' hear a thing.  Well today I was in the store and the General Manager (the manager above this "Suzy") asked if I was coming back.  I said I applied a while ago and never heard a thing.  He was surprised, and said next time call him.  So apparently this "Suzy" really did hate me and didn't even tell her boss I wanted to come back.  Jerk.

The Good

* Mason's doctor's appointment went good today.  He is healthy, and has a gigantic head (thank god for the c-section).  And the nurse that gave him his shot said he was the best kid all day.  Didn't move and barely cried.  We do have to call someone about improving his speech but I don't see that as a bad thing.  I just want what is best for Mason.

* I saw this on my cousin's facebook wall and I laughed so hard.  This always makes my day.  Awesome movie.


Asha said...

HILARIOUS! I honestly do feel bad for you but it's still so funny! I never knew that about German and if I ever wanted to learn it (which I don't) I definitely wouldn't now!

Happy Friday :)

Katie said...

Your uncles should be punched in the face...oh wait, those are my uncles too! lol. I never knew that's what the German language consisted of but my God that looks difficult!

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