Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Vacation...and then some

So this past week was my husband's vacation and Mason's 2nd Birthday.  We hung out and then went to the cities in Minnesota.  We had a lot of fun but by the time we got home, everyone was exhausted and the 2 year molar monster  creeped up on our newly 2 year old.  He has been barely eating and sleeping like crazy.  

But hopefully that is past us and now the good (and a little bad) from this past week/weekend.

Well first off my iPad got started small and then the Tornado (Mason) got a hold of it and it was a lost cause.  Thankfully we had bought 1 year insurance on it and just barely made it.  Now we have 2 year never know.

Then we got a Betta fish.  We have had them before and they have lived 2 years and more.  However this one?  Dead in a week.  Good thing Mason hasn't noticed.

On Wednesday, I made my first trip to Ikea.  I can't tell you how excited I was.  For at least 2 years I have been begging Guss to take me but he never has.  So we go and I got a bunch of cheap frames and finally (after a lot of wheeling & dealing) I got this beauty.  A gigantic, awesome bookcase...for only $120!!!
Of course we made our way to the Mall of America (which I love but mostly for the food).  We ate at Hooters.  Judge all you want but their wings are awesome.  But the most awesome thing about going to the MOA?  I finally got the Naked Palette.  I couldn't decided between this one and the Naked Palette 2 but finally settled on the original.  It just has more colors I would wear.
I am a huge Art/Art History nerd so I dragged my husband to the Walker Art Center and Sculpture Garden while my parents watched Mason.  My husband muttered many things under is breath about "how is this art?"  and I just loved it all!

And finally...this past week I got a fortune cookie with 2 cookies inside!!!  I hope this means I am doubly lucky and not doubly in trouble.  


Michelle P said...

I've been wanting that bookcase but haven't made the trip yet. Jealous!

Nichole said...

I freakin' love Ikea! Looks like a good buy and a good trip!

Gentri said...

woah! Double fortune cookie?! Definitely double the luck. :D

Alana Christine said...

Sorry about your ipad : (
I've never been to IKEA! I want to go!!
And I want the Naked palette so badly!

Amber said...

Ahhh I love IKEA! Also, love the naked palette, you will too! I think double fortune cookies means double luck ;)

kyna... said...

I LOVE Ikea! I'm very lucky...we have one 5 miles from our house! :-)
And that is such a bummer about your ipad! Sorry hon!
♥ Kyna

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love Ikea! Most of my furniture is from there, actually! Love love love!


Holly said...

I've always wanted to go to MOA! And IKEA rocks, I find sooo much stuff there and I want to decorate my whole house with stuff from there!!

Anonymous said...

That spoon with the cherry is awesome...thanks for sharing. I'm glad you had insurance on your ipad when I was reading that it shattered I thought ... OH NO!!! LOL

♥ Shia

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