Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What did they DO to you?!! (1)

So while doing some quality TV watching the other night, I got to thinking.  What happened to this girl?  Well this girl was Aubrey O'Day.  She is of Diddy/Puffy/Sean Combs Making the Band fame, and once was in a girl group "Danity Kane".  And I had the CD...actually wasn't too shabby.   

However this girl is now on the Celebrity Apprentice and she is labeled as a "Pop Star".  Um yah.  I really don't consider Aubrey a Pop Star.  She is no Britney or Lady Gaga.  

Anyways, on to what this post is really about.  What fame, entertainment industry, etc...does to some of these girls.  So once I started thinking, a lot actually came to mind so this is going to be a mini-series I do every week.

Some examples of what is happening to these girls/women?  Bad hair, makeup, plastic surgery, personal style...

Let the show begin -

Aubrey O'Day:  (info: see above)


Nikki Cox:  
(info: had her own show "Nikki"- which I used to watch and also starred in "Las Vegas")


Megan Fox: (info- starred in "Hope & Faith", "Transformers" and is known as being super-hot...not my words)   I don't really believe Megan Fox had work done but I just think she had quite the dramatic change, which could just be the result of aging.)
*Rumor has it (not the Adele song, but that is now stuck my head) that she is expecting her first child.*

So what do you think?  Do you agree?

Tune in next week for Part II!!!
Have a great day lovies!


Jamie said...

That's bizarre. So sad too. I've never seen those early Megan Fox pics. She looks so different!

Trish said...

I had never seen those before pic of Megan Fox! I just thought she always looked the way she does now :)

I've heard her specifically talk about being reluctant to step into the role of super-sexy woman. Maybe that's where part of the problem is. These girls feel like normal women but can't escape the pressure that they have to be sex goddesses. And they don't know how to take it on appropriately.

It's sad. Have you seen normal looking Megan Fox with minimal makeup and regular clothes? She's adorable. Her almost perfect body pisses me off though ;-)

Bri Buzali said...

wow, I'm glad you're going to keep doing these cause that was awesome! I can't believe it, especially the second girl, those lips are AWFUL!

Mrs.HappySteak said...

Oh dear lord I haven't seen a picture of Niki cox in forever. It is truly sad, she was so pretty before.

And aubrey is just beyond anoying

Monica said...

Egh I think that the fame and pressure of hollywood really makes these women make horrible decisions about their beauty

Lisa said...

ohh man they all were so much prettier before!

Nichole said...

Hahaha, this made me laugh. Aubrey used to be sooo pretty! I haven't watched "celebrity" apprentice but she looks a little crazy now. And I used to like Nikki Reed in another show she used to be in but I can't recall the name

Haybaby102 said...

Megan fox was in one of the many lindsay lohan movies that seemed to all come out at the same time. Maybe a movie with lindsay was the start to the downfall...

Kristine said...

Another one is Lindsay Lohan. She'll be on part two, yes? :) Aubrey O'Day had potential when she was with Danity Kane. And Nikki Cox... well she's just a hot mess.

kyna... said...

Nikki Cox used to be so pretty...I totally watched Las Vegas before her lips turned that big! lol!
♥ Kyna

Meghan said...

Ugh. I am not a fan of any of them! It's too bad that they ruined perfectly good beauty:(

smk053078 said...

It really is sad what happens to these girls...Nikki Cox used to be so gorgeous and now she looks like a freakin' alien. I just don't understand who in the heck is telling them to get the work they are getting and then letting them think it looks good. Fame is a nasty monster...I am happy to be little normal me. Great post!

Suze said...

It's so sad. :(

Carly Ann said...

I loved Danity Kane at first, then they became a hot mess... Especially Aubrey

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