Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm A Cheap Date - Thirsty Thursday

So a thing that I have never hidden on this blog is how I like to drink.  

I mean I am from Wisconsin so beer kind of goes hand in hand with that (and cheese). Also wine is one of my very best friends.   Recently I have cut back to lose some weight.  Did you know that if you don't drink a lot of alcohol you can actually lose weight?  *sarcasm people* 

However I still enjoy my beverages and I also like to save money.  I probably couldn't tell the difference between a $100 bottle of wine to a $10 so buying cheap wine?   It's a go.

My usual?  Shiraz, Merlot, & Riesling.  (Not usually all at once)
 Oak Leaf.  Price at the local WalMart? $2.97 a bottle.   That's a steal.
 You can get Lucky Duck also at WalMart and it costs around 4 bucks a bottle.  It's not bad but surprisingly I find the $2.97 kind better tasting. 
 My favorite cheap wine ever, Crane Lake.  It used to $3.99 and then they raised the price a bit.  However at one of the local grocery stores they have a deal every once in a while.  3 bottles for $9.99.  
1.5 Liters for around $10!   And this is more of a sweet red for those who don't like the dry red wine.  (I used to be that way)

And finally.

It's my wine in a box! *you know the tune*

Yes, at times I like to keep it really classy.   And by classy I mean boxed wine.   This baby is around $15 for 5 liters!   If you aren't me a big drinker, this baby will last you a month if not more!   And truthfully, the taste is not too shabby.

So there are some of the wine deals I have found.  Do you have a brand that you know of that is pretty cheap and good?  You should really share that information!  Also have you ever had an expensive bottle of wine?  Can you really tell the difference?

* prices are approximate and from around my local area.  also i just love these brands.  i wasn't compensated for my post (even though i would take some free wine)   i just enjoy wine and some deals ya,ll *


Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Great post! I like wine but I hate when you try something and it tastes horrible.

World According to Shia

jessica renee said...

Lambrusco is one of my favorites! :) I'm all for a good cheap wine! Barefoot is my fave. I've had glasses of more expensive wine when out to a nice dinner and they're definitely different but for my at home drinking, cheap is good for me! ;)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I am so bad I usually pick wine by the label design. And I know the cuter the design the crappier it usually tastes lol!

Azia said...

I am now suddenly back in college doing slapping the bag and doing "wine bongs"-- oh MSU-- Yes, I mean in Mankato. New follower :)

Katie said...

I love me a good glass of wine! Moscato and Chardonnay! We should have just a wine wine that is ;)

Suze said...

I loooooooove wine. We often get it at the wineries around here (there's tons) and it's not too expensive. Usually less than 10 dollars a bottle. I also stock up in France where it's super duper cheap. Then everybody's impressed but it really is like 3 dollar bottles.

I love the oak leaf wines! I was surprised to learn they were so inexpensive, but honestly, they're really good!

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