Wednesday, February 6, 2013

There's Just So Much

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- I almost put my iPad in the microwave this morning.  Have I ever mentioned that the mornings hate me?

- My husband and I are about to start season 3 of 'Breaking Bad'.   I LOVE that addicting.  (that's kind of a pun right?)  And Aaron Paul is easy on the eyes (Jesse). 

- The Superbowl was my last day before I started changing.  Since then I have been eating better, working out, and lost 3 lbs.   Crazy but true.  

- Snow.  Again.  What is this Wisconsin?!  (yah it is) Thankfully my "work" (one night a week at a dance studio) was cancelled.  I'm so glad because it is a 45 minute drive each way and I HATE winter driving!  

- I'm sad the mail won't be coming on Saturdays anymore.  My husband calls me an old women because I sit and watch for the mailman.  Even though we never get anything good.

- I saw numerous posts on Superbowl commercials but no one mentioned my favorite.   By now we all know I am obsessed with Amy Poehler.   And her commercial was hilarious.  In my opinion.

Well I'm off.  Now that I don't work I don't have an excuse not to do anything around the house.   Boo.


Brittany said...

I am the same way about the mail!! It is rare that anything really exciting is in there but I love getting in...ya never know :)

jessica renee said...

The Amy Poehler commercial was hilarious!! When they first talked about possibly taking away Saturday mail I was like there's NO WAY they'll ever do that. Now I'm sad too :(

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Congrats on the 3 lbs!! I never check my mailbox ... I'm pretty sure my mailman hates me because once it gets to a certain point he just starts shoving it in there.

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