Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bachelors (and not just the show)

Ok - so today's post was going to be about my adventures in carpet cleaning.  Exciting, no?  But that I will save for tomorrow.  After watching last night's "The Bachelor" and hearing a friend's (from High School) story, I thought I would post about Bachelor parties as well.

First.  'The Bachelor'.  Sorry if you don't watch - this part might bore you.  So last night a girl from a previous season Shawntel (a funeral director) came back to try and have a chance with this season's Bachelor.  Of course that is a little weird and I wouldn't be surprised if the producers had a hand in it, but the way the girls reacted drove me crazy. 
- This one girl kept saying "you don't know him!" and another girl said "I'm going to get dumped for some girl he has known 3 minutes".  Well truthfully it was said they had talked times before he became the Bachelor...so obviously she knew him.
- Some girl called her creepy because she was a funeral director.  Ok, probably to most that is creepy but you know what?  Someone has to do it...and it is her job.  When you grow up in a family business like that - it probably isn't creepy to you.
- The girls kept saying it was unfair.  Well you know what? If this was the real world, at any time a girl could come in and try and date your guy.  Love really isn't a game.  (Like that cliche?) 
- And the biggest thing that bothered me?  One of the girls was saying "He doesn't want Brad's (previous Bachelor) dumpster trash."  Well you know what ladies?  You are trying to date (and unrealistically get engaged to) a guy who was on a previous season.  So he is technically Ashley's trash.  

Finally about 'The Bachelor'?  That Courtney girl (the model) - her face doesn't seem to move to me.  She has a constant duck face.  

Onto the Bachelor party story.  I just need to know how ya'll would feel/react if your husband/significant other did this.  I know for a fact my husband has never been to a strip club.  I have once in the Czech Republic (story for another day) and Guss doesn't even have friends that go there.  To tell you the truth...it would probably bother me a little but after this story I definitely don't want him going to one.

So a girl I went to High School with, her sister was getting married.  So her husband was naturally invited to the Bachelor party.  Well this Bachelor party was at a Strip Club (big surprise right?).  Well afterwards she found out what happened and has been upset ever since.  

Apparently all the guys that went chipped in $20.  They were taken to a big shower room and they were each given 2 minutes to loofah/scrub this stripper.  That's it.  They spend over 100 bucks scrubbing some girl up.  This actually disgusts me.  If you have a wife/fiance/girlfriend...how about you don't waste the 20 buck, you go home, romance your whatever and soap her up for free!  The thing that also bothered me is that he said it was awesome. Really?  That's sad.  And it makes you that stereotypical guy.  Truthfully if my husband did that and thought it was awesome...I would think 'who is this guy?'

Hate this shirt. 

What do you think about strip clubs?  Or I suppose a club where strippers get washed (ew)?  Do you watch 'The Bachelor'?


Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Miranda, I seriously wrote an identical post today! Well, minus the strip club part. Last night's episode was awful...I couldn't believe they reacted that way! And the strip club story is so gross...I'm not a fan of those places and luckily my husband isn't either!

Katie said...

I'm totally addicted to the bachelor! Those girls are nuts!! :)

Katie said...

I'm totally addicted to the bachelor! Those girls are nuts!! :)

Recently Roached said...

I agree with everything you said, but I still kinda hated her for showing up out of the blue. Ha ha! :) And you're so right about Courtney, HOW is she a model?? My husband agrees, noooot cute.

Also, I would be royally pissed if my husband not only rubbed some naked chic down with soap but also PAID to do it. Girlfriend can shower on her own, thank you very much. Glad I married a guy with stronger moral code than that --- even if he DOES own that shirt. lol

Love your blog. Found you from Alana's blog. Definitely a new follower!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the constant duck-face that Courtney has! I haven't watched last night's episode, but I'm pretty excited. =)

megs [at] Shine On & Skinny Up

Nichole said...

I used to love this show but I feel like each season, the girls get more caty. Sounds like it! My husband has been to a strip club three times (as far as I know) and he is sooo cheap that according to him, he never paid for "anything", I get sometimes a guy may have to go if his friends are and it's a bachelor party but I don't know how I'd feel if my guy was excited to scrub some chick down for $20. Ew

brlracincwgrl said...

The Bachelor was a train wreck last night, yikes! I'm not a fan of Courtney either, I really wish she would go home!

I think strip clubs are a waste of money, personally. I agree with you, spend that money on your spouse/significant other.

Kasey said...

I don't watch The Bachelor.

As for the strip club thing, that is awful. o_O I would NOT be happy. D's been to them on bach parties. I've been to them. Whatevs. But I have a big problem with lap dances, or anything like what you mentioned (which I'd never even heard of until now) where it's close, intimate contact with the stripper. It just really rubs me the wrong way. PLUS when our friends had their bach parties, the next day we were out to eat with them and the groom had freaking BITE MARKS on his nipples. Nassssty. He said it was not a very fun experience at all. I would have been so pissed if that were D.

Samantha said...

Ahh I watched this episode of The Bachelor as well and I was so annoyed by the other girls... I thought Shawntel was really nice about the whole situation and deserved a chance! And Courtney should most definitely go home.. I've heard that it's broken out who he ends up with, I have to stop myself from searching it so I don't ruin this season for myself! Great post:)
Love Always,

Holly said...

That's seriously gross about washing the stripper!! Who does that?! Strip clubs are whatever, I get it, if you go to them on special occasions like bachelor parties it's whatever. But washing someone?! Disgusting. Blech.

Also, I watch the Bachelor but I didn't watch Ashley's season so I didn't really know Ben and haven't gotten too much into this season. But wow...drama!!!!

Stephanie said...

I'm honestly not a fan of Courtney's & I think Shawntel is gorgeous!

On to the Strip Club story, that disgusts me. If my boyfriend got a thrill out of that, it would definitely make me think differently of them. I don't mind the whole strip club night out, but being in a room with guys scrubbing a girl with a loofa screams 'I'm a Creep'

I don't know, just my opinion!

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