Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Brobee, go away!"

*** Warning:  Total Mom Post ***

The Battle of the Pacifier

So if my mom had her way I would have attempted to take away Mason's paci when he turned one.  But he slept great with it and the dentist said not to worry till he was 3.   People can say Mason was a late talker because of it but I really don't believe that.

So I asked for advice and thought about how we would take it away.

One day, I cut off the tip and said it was broken.   Mason took it anyways and popped it into his mouth.  He didn't care.  So I cut it off almost completely.  He just clenched on to it with his teeth.  Total fail.

So last weekend we went cold turkey.

First night I armed myself with earplugs alcohol thinking this would be a night where I wish I didn't have ears.

At bedtime M asked for his 'faw faw'.   (i have NO idea why he calls it that, we have always called it a paci - strange child)  We said no, we don't have them anymore, they went away.  So he yelled 'faw faw!!!".  And we said no again.   He stopped, looked at me strangely and asked "M & M's?".   Already bartering.

Next night, he surprisingly didn't ask for it.   So we put him to bed where he laid there and talked for around 2 hours.  

We kept hearing him say "go away".  "go away".  (go away and sit down are his very favorite things to say right now).   After a few times he started saying "Brobee!  Go away!"  "Brobee!!! Go!  Away!"

(Brobee is a character from Yo Gabba Gabba.)  We had just got M a stuffed version of him for Christmas.  He usually sleeps in crib with him, Murray, Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Grover from Sesame Street.   

Now we have Brobee sleep on his rocker and he tucks him in every night and gives him a kiss.  He loves Brobee but apparently he didn't want him in bed with him.


The good?   It wasn't hard as I thought it was going to be.  

The bad?  He stays up and talks seemingly forever.  That damn paci was  like ambien to him.  And poor Brobee is banished from the comfortable bed.

Next?   Potty training.  Lord help me.


Sarah said...

So funny! I wonder how "faw faw" and "Brobee" were connected? haha Kids. Paxton has really taken to the paci lately, and I admit that we use it to quiet him down more than we probably should. I'm not looking forward to taking it away!

Katie said...

Good job! I can't imagine! Must be hard! Good job mommy!

Renee said...

Oh this post gives me hope!! Hopefully Lachy gives his up just as easily when the time comes!! Good Luck with the potty training!

Sara said...

Hahahahaha! I love that he's bartering with M&Ms. Smart little cookie you've got there! :) Too cute! And poor Brobee!

jessica renee said...

You're such a bad mom for not taking it away at 1! ;) That's what people are already telling me about V and seriously, ain't nobody got time for that. It helps her and it helps us so we'll just wait to do it later, like you. When she can barter. haha That's hilarious! I love that he calls it a faw faw too, so cute.

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