Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday's are just not into me.

Mondays either.  

But, I had this idea.

I think Monday should be known as "weekend recovery day" where we do absolutely nothing.

And then there is Tuesday. 

 I have the worst time writing a post for Tuesday. 

 I just don't feel it.  If one can feel for a day to write a blog post.

- Alana.  If you are reading this...you know that post I was talking about.  I swear it's coming.  It will be worth it.

- This is Wisconsin.  Brrr.  Suck it weather.

- If I have not responded to your emails/comments in the past few weeks.  Today is the day.  Please forgive me.  Also working on the facebook page for the Midwest Bloggers.

- I forgot to show my favorite Amy Poehler outfit for the Golden Globes.  I truly heart her.

- I have so many blog friends that I tweet/email/facebook but I would love to text with them.  However when I ask for a number I feel like a stalker.  So I have downloaded this free texting app.  You want to text with me?  Email me, maybe?  *lamesauce*

- Ron Swanson is my new drinking buddy.  And he doesn't disappoint.

- The truth.

Finally.  You guys remember the popular "what did they do to you?" posts?  Well it comes back next week!  
If you feel like being entertained here is Part I and Part II.

Good-Bye Tuesday.  I hate you too.


Kimberly H said...

I love the randomness of this post! Haha. I totally agree that Mondays should be weekend recovery days. And it is WAY too cold here right now. I don't ever want to get out of bed. Ever.

Suze said...

Hahaha to this entire post.

I don't normally hate Tuesday, but today I sure do. Wasn't my greatest.

Also what is that free texting app? Sounds intriguing...

jessica renee said...

LOVE Amy Poehler and she is looking hot in that outfit!!

and of course, looove the mug! hahaha

I just downloaded that app last night but haven't had the chance to try it out. Hopefully I can try ya tonight!

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