Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rant Number One

I was actually going to title this "Bitchfest number One" but I thought Rant would be a bit more inviting.  Not that you want to hear me bitch.

But here it is.  

It may be me being fed up or the third glass of wine I just poured but I just have to say some things.

You aren't better than me.

You aren't better than anyone else.

If you don't bitch about your husband/significant other (or even talk about him) on your blog, good for you.  But if I need to vent on here or twitter.  Deal with it.  It doesn't mean I have a shitty marriage.  In fact if you heard it?  My husband has heard it.   I frequently mention we bicker all the time.  However we don't have many big fights.

I know I drive him crazy.   I know he drives me crazy.  Boy do I know.

But if I want to say something, I'm going to.   

If I want to post something financial or tweet it.   I'm going to.   Yes, the fact that I have the Internet and an iPhone does mean I have a bit of money, but that doesn't mean I can't express my frustrations about being "poor".  But if I do it, I truthfully am not asking you to be sorry for me.  I'm just putting something out there, that I need to get out and if someone says "sorry"?  Well thank you very much.  

To end this first (how horrible is it that I have more?) rant I want to say I have been holding on biting my tongue responding to some of these things for more than a year.  Especially the one where I want to bitch about kids/motherhood.  Especially if you don't have them for yourself.   I'm sorry if it's mean but if you can express on your blog or twitter about how I'm annoying you, then by all means, I'm going to unleash.  


Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

Everyone needs to vent at some point!! I think that's half the reason we love social media so much... because we can get anything & everything off our chest! Totally allowed.


kyna... said...

You go girl! It's YOUR blog! You can bitch or rant about whatever you want whenever you need to! That is the beauty of blogging!!

Monica said...

Tell whoever it is to eat it and keep saying what you want to say :)

Ashley said...

good for you! this is why i like reading blogs that are honest. i've been fed up with bloggers who talk about how perfect their child and marriage is. being married is hard and add a kid or 2 and it becomes even harder. i know those bloggers are being fake, no one's life is perfect. I had to stop following 2 bloggers who just had their second child because all they did was brag about how easy and perfect it was. Most days I don't stop yelling at my toddler to stop hitting his sister.. it ain't perfect, lol.

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Great post! I had to post something like this once - it just felt so much better to address the bitchy-ness and move on. You go girl!


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