Monday, January 7, 2013

Kick That Bucket & I Heart Clinton

So after mentioning a few million times about my Bucket List and a big thing I have crossed off of it, today is the day!   

The biggest thing ever?  


That's right, Former freaken President Bill Clinton!!!

I have loved him forever.  He is number one on my "list"  Ok yah, you can say that's gross!  That's ok.  I probably don't like the number one on your "list" either!  (unless it's Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, or Johnny Depp, then I'm sorry)

So Bill (we are on a first name basis - he actually shook hands with my mom years ago at an Air Force base) was in town to talk up Obama.  Wisconsin is a battleground state.  It was also Halloween (Thanks Aunt Jennifer for taking Mason), We got there at 5pm (freezing!) and doors didn't open till 7:15.  

We thankfully got there early enough, but for 3 blocks of people, they got turned away! (Bill was nice enough that when he got there, he talked to all the people outside though)

Ok enough gushing.   Below, some pictures.  (i got within 2 feet of him!) and then my Bucket List. It's pretty short and simple and important to me!

The Romney crasher
Our Congressman Ron Kind.  He's not too bad either.
I know it's blurry but I SAW HIM!!!

He did awesome at the DNC. 
The rest of the list:
Or just touch one.
Memoir, fiction, non-fiction, etc.
I have one in my town and have never went.
I used to own a horse but have never rode one on a beach/in the ocean.
I was almost there once.  Need to get back at it.

Any of these on your bucket list? 
 Or what's your number one?  
Have you crossed anything off?  
Do you love Bill Clinton?   
If you do, back off.  He's mine...(or Hilary's but that's nothing.)


Anonymous said...

Haha that is awesome! I'm so indecisive that my #1 switches all the time! Baha!

I wanna visit all 50 states too. I've been to a drive in, but its been forever. The one closest to us closed down.

Monica said...

I would love to meet Bill Clinton! I've always had a weird fascination with him. Christmas in NY is one of mine as well. I've been a few times but never during the season.

Suze said...

Lol that's funny! I have a friend who has Bill Clinton's signature tattooed on her wrist!

The Eiffel Tower is pretty great. I love the idea of Christmas in New York!

Rachel said...

I'd definitely like to go zip lining and visit all 50 states. One big thing I've crossed off my list was to go skydiving. So fun and thrilling!

WeeMason's Mom said...

I'm so bummed that I missed Clinton! I was going to try to get the day off, but I found out VERY last minute, we were short at work that day, and my bosses are very much... not Clinton fans.

Dolphins, writing a book, fluent in German, ziplining, learning to cook, and go to the drive in are all on mine! I told you they were similiar! Dolphins have been at the top of mine for YEARS. Sucks that we're so far away from Florida LOL

Morgan Neal said...

Love Bill. He is from Arkansas just like me. Hope you'll stop buy my blog. Having an amazing give away right now.


Holly said...

Nice!! My brother saw him in Cleveland with Bruce Springsteen :)

kyna... said...

That's awesome hun! You totally saw him!!!
♥ Kyna

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