Thursday, January 31, 2013

Friday Fluffiness & Future

So today I have a whole bunch of different stuff.  Some facts about me and a look of what's to come on this little 'ol bloggy.

My ultimate favorite color is yellow.  Followed by brown and gray.

My favorite singer of all time is Johnny Cash.   Especially the song "Cry Cry Cry"

Number One TV Show: I have so many TV shows I love but my absolute favorite?   "I Love Lucy"  I was the kid who watched Nick at Nite.  I wrote reports, read all kinds of books, and collect/ed Lucy merchandise.

I would love to be able to design/sew clothes or be an interior designer.

I would never want to be a singer.  Reasons?  If you lose your voice you are screwed, you have one bad concert/song everyone hears about it.

What's to come? (using the months things happened as a guide)

February:  More on the Midwest blogger meet up (hoping to make a survey of sorts) and an awesome giveaway.

March/April:  Pregnancy, Birth Story, and hoping for a new blog design.  

Yes my son is wrapped in a pink blanket.  The pediatrician in the operation room wasn't told the sex of our baby.

May: Studying abroad in Germany and High School/Graduation

June: Finally sharing our dating and engagement stories.

July: Our wedding.

And some other things: like my family and why am I drinking milk out of the gallon.

Yeah.  So much to tell, so lazy to write it.  :)  

Have a great weekend Lovies.


Suze said...

I love yellow too! one of my favorites.

I'm looking forward to all these future posts- looks fun! Love that you have a plan.

Also looking forward to the new blog design. I LOVE blog designs. :)

kyna... said...

I have YET to write about Ellie's birth story (since I started blogging long after she was born!) I keep telling myself I need to, just so I have it written down somewhere so I never forget all of the details! You've motivated me...I have to do it now! :-)
♥ Kyna

Trish said...

You've reminded me that I need to get my own birth story down before I forget it. I know it was only two months ago, but I seriously underestimate my capacity to forget important things sometimes!

Jamie said...

My Mom would only let us watch Nick at Night on TV when we were growing up. We saw SOOOO many episodes of I Love Lucy!

jessica renee said...

I love that you have a plan for future blog posts, I need to learn from this! And Johnny Cash is the BEST. I'm kinda excited that I get to marry into a Cash family ;) And OMG the pink blanket! haha I can't believe that!! Can't wait to read about it all!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Lol this post made me laugh in te beginning because I'm not a fan of yellow or brown and I don't like I Love Lucy!

We can still be friends though, right? :)

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