Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dear ... Wednesday.

I know around blog-land people do letters on Fridays, however I could not wait until then.  So Wednesday Letters.  *warning:  graphic language ahead*

Dear Anonymous:  I appreciate the concern that I am not able to "get it up", but I really don't need Viagra or Cialis.  Nor do i wish to sit in a bathtub opposite my partner on a mountainside.

 I don't know where you came from all of a sudden but I'm OK.  Maybe start spamming men over the age of 50 instead of a woman under 30.

Dear Mike: (my cousin's husband)  thanks for the priceless quotes you brought this weekend...even though they were pretty inappropriate. *note: he was pretty much 11 millions sheets to the wind*

"It's a glove not a doctor"
(talking about hand gloves that were floating around at the bar)
"Remember the mark of the devil and then remember you have fingers"
(trying to remember his wedding anniversary - 10 days after 06/06/06)
"you know who f***s good?  people who have killed their sisters"
(um yeah...I have no words)
"are goats female sheep?"
(heard during a conversation between Mike and my husband - very intelligent)

Dear Ryan Braun:  Don't you worry your pretty and talented little head about those boos at the All Star game.  You kicked ass.

Dear Prince Fielder:  (winner of the Home Run Derby)  How many times do I have to beg for you to come back to the Brewers.  I may have no money but still...

Dear Chris H: I know this is your primary job on "The Bachelor/Bachelorette"  but come on...really?

Dear Arie:  (from "The Bachelorette")  you aren't really that special.  

Dear Miranda:  congrats!  you won Mother of the Year award for finally getting your son's 2 year pictures taken...3 months late.

Dear Grandpa C:  Hope you have an awesome birthday in heaven.  I miss you every day!
Sorry for the phone pic.  Grandpa Gilbert Clinton C. 

Well there you go.  Love all you lovies, and if you're from Wisconsin please let me know!  My cousin Katie is trying to set up a Wisconsin Bloggers meet up!


Alana Christine said...

This was cute! I am constantly getting those spam messages! haha. Look on the bright side, at least you got his pictures done before he was 3!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Aw your grandpa was so cute! Happy birthday to him :) I bet he's looking down on you!

And your BIL sounds hilarious. That's the stupid stuff I say when drunk...sadly.

Anonymous said...

Girl, I feel you on the Arie thing, and I LOVE that card for Chris Harrison! Ha!


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