Thursday, July 5, 2012

Oh what a (past) week!

Oh the past week/weekend.  It was eventful let me tell ya.  Fires, families, babies, being yelled at by my Grandma (yes, my grandma!), basketball games, and some random drama.  

* My sweet little man in his car seat
* My nieces playing basketball (Molly (l), Abby (r)).  They are both pretty awesome and I easily got into the game...I'm gonna be one of those parents at my kids' games.
* Mason DOES NOT like to swing.  However the slides?  Piece of cake.
* Me & my super cute baby niece Madeleine Jean.  (please excuse my lack of makeup and tired face)
* Sleeping baby
* Baby feet!
* My niece Abby stayed the night one night.  Here she is reading to Mason...I should say that Mason is absolutely obsessed with her.  (Actually the past weekend he went to my parents with my sister and her family and when he came back...he was not so happy.  He wasn't happy to see us at all and wanted to go with them!  Yes I may have cried, lol.)
* Our first fire of the summer!  I hope to have many many more!
And like I said, some random drama.  If you want a lowdown on it click here.  My quick recap?  (*note:  I really try not to get into drama) After going out to the a local bar because Mason was at his grandparents, I got a text from my cousin.  Her best friend since High School was mad at her for not showing up to her surprise birthday party.  But my cousin had to work.  However her BF didn't care.  So they fought and finally her friend called her a really nasty name...i won't repeat it but it started with a 'c'.  At that point I was irate so I texted this girl (acquaintance to me) and told her not to treat my family that way.  Words were exchanged, (including swear words...sorry mom) and eventually (she told my cousin this) she paid to have my number blocked.  Well I told her I was done texting her, so she wasted her money.   Anyways the point of the story (since I know this girl had a blog - she has now blocked it - and probably reads mine) is don't mess with my family...and I have no regrets.  That is all.  :)

Have a great day lovies!


Meghan said...

Your little man is adorable! Looks like you have had a lot of family fun!

kyna... said...

Good for you girl! Sticking up for your family! :-)
♥ Kyna

Trish said...

I think I would have done the same thing! I'll take a lot of crap without complaint, but if you dare to mess with people I love, the gloves come off. I'M the only one who can talk to them like that ;-)

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