Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm pretty sure...It's OK!

Happy Thursday!!!
Linking up with Amber & Neely for their 1 year anniversary of "It's Ok"!!! 

Its Ok Thursdays

it's ok...

...that i think my child is the most photogenic person in the world - but i am allowed to think that since it is my child  (i will have proof soon when I show you his 2 year pictures)

...that i get excited for the gifts mason gets for the reading program at the library

...that i find nothing wrong with just turning 28 but still hate telling people my age

...that i went to a Mexican restaurant on my birthday just because i got a free meal (up to 10 dollars) and a free drink! Even though they had to sing to me and I had to put on a ridiculous hat.

...that someone taught my son how to booty dance.  ok...actually it is not.  my husband is in big trouble now.

...that we traveled an hour just to get food.  And then proceed to eat it and drive an hour home.

...that i apparently talk about food a lot and this whole week has been based around it.

...that I am super excited to celebrate my birthday this week with some family and friends (including Kasey!)


Thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday!  You are all so sweet!


Alana Christine said...

I would totally let them embarrass me for free food! Have a good weekend!

kyna... said...

♥ Kyna

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