Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stuff I Got For Free

Pretty exciting title right?  Well it's alllll true.  More on that later.

The next two weeks are quite busy here in Miranda-land.  On Thursday I am heading to Wisconsin Dells where my parents have a time share.  The whole family will be there...I pray we don't kill each other.  Then Sunday is Guss & I's 6 year wedding anniversary (The 31st we have been together 12 years). 
Next week Guss has vacation and we plan on doing a lot of eating (because that is what you do on vacation), then my actual birthday is July 25th.  That Saturday we are going to the small town my husband (and Kasey) are from to celebrate my b-day!!!  Anyways, I will still be posting next week but just thought I would share the busy-ness that is my next few weeks.  July is always busy around here.

So on to the title.  More than a month ago I was reading Bethany's blog Rinse. Repeat.  and  if you read  her blog you know she recently moved to Kuwait with her husband.  Well before she moved she was getting rid of everything in her apartment.  For free!!!  She has ton of cute stuff and almost all of it was up for grabs.  Well I am very fortunate to live in the same town as her so I took advantage.  By the time I got there a lot was gone (rugs, couches, end tables) but I know Guss would have killed me if I brought any of that home anyways.  But I happened to find a lot of great cute stuff.  Free.  Free.  Did I mention free?  Thank you Bethany for being so generous with your things.  Check out her post announcing it here.

1.  I got two of these baskets which I plan to spray paint
2. Colorful note cards (I'm obsessed with paper), bracelets, decorative plate
3. Framed pictures.  And the background on this picture and #2 are actually cloth napkins.
4. Tank Top
5. J. Crew Sweater!!!
6. Burlapp Anthropologie dress!!!

(Not Pictured:  Mason Jar drinking glasses.  Yeah seemed a little weird at first but if you wash them what's the deal?  It's the same thing at restaurants.)

So there it is!  Hope your day is grrreeeaattttt! *Tony the Tiger style*


McFisch said...

Nice! Very cute stuff!

Amy W. said...

i love love that Anthropologie dress so FAB!

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