Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Celebrity Wannabe Friends : Wednesday

Hiya!  Today is Wednesday, our third day of our Friendship link-up.  Today's topic?


 Who would you want to be your best friend?


Sandra Bullock.  Oh my crackers and cheese!  I love this woman.  In her movies, interviews, speeches...pure love.  She is hilarious, grounded, and did you know that she speaks German?!?!?!  To me? That is friendship gold.

Amy Poehler.  She stars in one of my all time favorite shows "Parks & Recreation" and I loved her on "Saturday Night Live".  Another of those women who seems real.  And not all perfect and fake.

Kristen Wiig.  This woman is hilarious.  And she has my kind of humor.  Bridesmaids?  Classic.

Favorite line of the whole movie.  
 Now these next two women, I would love to be best friends with.  However I think I am a little to...rough? Unrefined?  Dirty?  Whatever it is...they are way too pure and good looking.  But I would love to hang out with them...And be that bad influential friend.

Mariska Hargitay.  I'm not going to lie.  I love her on Law & Order: SVU with longer hair but come one.  She's awesome.  And she really really should have hooked up with Stabler.  It may be a TV show but in my warped mind?  That ish is real.

Reese Witherspoon.  Not only is she a part of my favorite movie of all time (Walk The Line) but she is so down-home, sweet awesomeness.  She seems so sweet, that if I walked into her home I would burst into flames.  But I love her.  No doubt.

 So tell me.  Who would be your celebrity best friend?   I must know.



Kimberly H said...

I TOTALLY agree with Mariska! I love me some SVU. :) She's basically what made the show so awesome a lot of the time - I'd love to meet her in real life!

Alana Christine said...

Add in some Jennifer Aniston and this is the perfect list!

Monica said...

Great list!

Katie said...

I love Amy Poehler and Kristin Wiig! I was actually going to put Amy Poehler but I saw you had her and I didn't want to copy you! lol

Hannah Mik said...

Sandra Bullock! Yes. I mean c'mon Miss Congeniality ? The greatest.

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