Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday: Blog Friendship

Welcome to the Tuesday addition of Friendship Week.   Information found here.

Today?  Your Favorite Blog Friends.  One of my favorite new subjects!

Alana - I think we started following each other when we had around 20 followers each.  And now she has 200+!  I just consider her one of my oldest blogger friends. If we lived closer, I can see us being best of friends.  And I admire what she does.  (If you want to know what it is...well check out her blog)

Trish - Um yeah.  I'm pretty sure I stalk her.  We finally became real Facebook friends recently and every status update has me laughing like crazy.  Like this one 

"Going to a breastfeeding class tonight. I think this is the one time I hope there aren't free samples."

  Fortunately this lady is moving closer to me soon, and I'm gonna be all over that like white on rice. Or brown on rice, if you want to be healthy. 

Nichole - well this lady is also one of my newest real Facebook friends.  I envy her Florida life and love playing Words with Friends with her.  She recently started her 2nd (!) blog...I can barely keep up with one!

Carly & Kristine - In a way I see these two hand in hand.  These lucky ladies are real life best friends. And if I lived on the West Coast I would try (and probably fail) to be the third wheel.  Carly was actually one of the best swap partners I ever had and Kristine...well she loves Knut.  And that scores big points in my book.

Suze - Love this girl.  She is a fellow Midwesterner (sorry about the Cardinals!  My brother in law is also very upset.)  She's just one of those good people in life...and her son?  Freaken adorable!!!

I do feel bad having to narrow it down because I feel like I have found so many new friends and people blogging.  Here are a few regulars on the blog I love.

Kasey - Graduated High School together...and oh yeah, she's gonna have a baby!  Thanks to me. Sorry if that's getting old Kasey, but I get a kick out of it!!!  I'll be telling that to your little one when they graduate high school!

Kodie - Fellow Wisconsin blogger, loves the Packers as much as I do, and we have actually met (and had breakfast (with a Packer!) in real life!

Katie - See a crap ton of previous posts!!! :)

And finally some other blogs friends I love.

This lady has almost 500 followers and still takes the time to comment on my little ol' blog.  I was paired with her last Christmas for a card swap and love following her blog.  Again another Midwesterner.

Literally the sweetest woman you will ever talk to.  She makes you feel like you have known her forever.  And we both struggle with toddlers who don't sleep.

A blond toddler named Mason?  Now that sounds familiar.  And she doesn't live too far away from me!
Following this lucky lady as she teaches in Thailand.

Well you definitely need to check out these ladies.  I love them all!   Grab a button below and link-up!  I would love to find new blogs to follow that you love!



Nichole said...

Awww! Thanks for the mention ;) I'm glad we're fb/words with friends friends, too! is this link up a weekly.thing??

Kasey said...

Aww thanks!! And I'm sure my kid will want to hear all about the night he/she was conceived. hahaha!! Too funny!

I'll have to check out some of these other blogs too!

Trish said...

Thanks for including me! You're my favorite stalker.

Alana Christine said...

Aww thank you!! We've definitely been following each other since the beginning!

Kristine said...

AHHH! Love this times PI! Thanks darling! You are one of my fave reads, too! And trust me, you certainly would not fail hanging with me and Carly :) I've gotta check out these other blogs! :)

Suze said...

Aw thanks for including me! I love you and your blog. Also I've found some great new ladies to follow. Thanks!

Carly Ann said...

I definitely consider you one of my blogging besties too!!! So sweet to include me in your post :) I do wish you lived out here and we could hang out in real life!

Kodie said...

Aww, thanks! If I wasn't on an indefinite blogging hiatus I would totally be linking up for this series...love it!

When I started blogging I would never have imagined making all the friends I have now. And where I used to be kinda freaked out to meet someone in person who I had only talked to online, now is just something normal :)

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