Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I gotta tell you. I can't sing tonight. I got the laryngitis.

Ok.   I can't sing anyways.  But I do have the laryngitis.   And that is a quote from my most favorite movie ever.  Anyone got any guesses?

Well the reason I have been gone and haven't blogged, answered emails, commented, announced the giveaway winner is because the devil known as laryngitis.  You think laryngitis and you think no voice.  Well it's worse that that.

My Sunday:

4am  Wake-up use the bathroom and realize...crap I can't breath.  I try to control my breathing, walk around, go outside. No good, so I start panicking.  I go downstairs to get my sister (it was a family fun type weekend...will recap next week) and get her and tell her I can't breathe.   She come upstairs with Katie  who proceeds to get her sister Jackie who is a nurse.  Initially I thought it was a panic attack because I have been having those more frequent lately but after a lot of breathing exercises and fresh air I still couldn't breath well.   

So off to my very first ER visit.

5am  Admitted to hospital, BP taken, questions asked, I was given a breathing treatment, and told I have laryngitis.  Take Ibuprofen, drink fluids, rest...but other than that...no cure.  So I pretty much couldn't breath the whole day.  Let me tell you how fun that is. The only good thing about this visit?  The (male) nurse, doctor, and respiratory specialist were all good-looking.  Of course I looked like a mess since it was 5am...and I well I suppose I am married.

7-9am  sleep on my cousin's couch.

9-11am  go home and wait for Russel to get home from his weekend away.

11-2 sleep

2-2:15 attempt to watch Packer game

2:15-4:30pm sleep

4:30-5:30pm  eat and shower

5:30-7pm  sleep

7pm  tell mason good-night, tell Guss to wake me up for Dexter.

7:05pm-10am  sleep.  screw Dexter.

My Monday:  

Trying to take care of Mason who is also getting sick and napping.  Then napping some more, eat and bedtime.  Hard day watching Mason because I can't yell, let alone talk.

Today I feeling better.  Still coughing, my voice sounds weird but I can breathe!!!   And I have some energy!  Hallelujah!!!

While the weekend was super fun and can't wait to share that, Sunday sucked.  You know I'm sick if I miss a Packer game.

So giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow.  Besides that I probably won't be around this week but hope to at least respond to emails.  Then I will be back.  Hopefully.  Who knew it sucked so much to have laryngitis.


Alana Christine said...

Goodness! Hope you feel better soon!

nichole said...

ick!!! feel better!!!!

Anonymous said...

'Well you were hollerin backstage. I didn't have it then!' ---Ahh love 'Walk the Line'!

Man, that doesn't sounds fun.
Hope you feel better soon!!

Kimberly H said...

That sounds AWFUL. I hope you recover quickly!

Jessica Renee said...

You weren't that sick if you were checking out doctors! hahaha jk ;) Seriously though, I'm so sorry you're sick. Get better SOON and get back to watching football and Dexter!!

Cole said...

You poor thing! Feel better!

Nichole said...

yuck!! I hope you feel better, soon!

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