Friday, October 26, 2012

Final Friendship Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!!!  Thank you so much for all that linked up this week for our link-up!  I loved reading all your posts.  If I have not commented on your post or reply to your comments...fear not.  I will get to them Sunday but I have a big family weekend plan!  But I didn't forget about you!   *And the giveaway winner will be announced next week!!!*

The Final Topic?

Best friend memory.

I think like a lot of people it will be hard to choose just one memory.  However I narrowed it down.   This one is actually about Katie again.  I just had to choose this story.  

So without sharing too much right now (I will address it later)  my husband and I have had public assistance for awhile.  We don't abuse it, we don't cheat the system, we are not lazy people...we just needed some help.  Especially after Mason was born and I needed to quit my job to take care of him.   Megan actually wrote the most awesome post on it the other day.  And showed the other side off getting help.  

As of right now we just get WIC which is of course for Mason only.  For a few months we got help with food.  Then all of a sudden (even though my husband didn't start making more money) they changed some rule and we no longer were eligible.  It sucks.  I cried.  When we had help I could actually buy pricier fruits like strawberries and raspberries more often.  We could buy more fish and healthier things.  

Anyways I told Katie what had happened and she was actually coming to visit in a few days.  When she showed up, she started bringing bags upon bags of things.  I asked what this all was and she was it was for my family.  Just because.   However I knew why she bought it.   

She was so thoughtful and bought us a bunch of household things like napkins, paper towel, Mason got a package of diapers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet cleaner, etc.  

The fact that she was so thoughtful to do this still touches me to do this day.  Can you see why she is my best friend?  



Katie said...

Oh Miranda, I would do it again and again. I'm just a giver! haha. I totally forgot about doing that. Love ya so much bcf and see you tmrw. Great link up this week!

Megan said...

what an absolutely amazing friend!! this gave me happy goosebumps reading it. everyone needs a caring friend like that. so happy you have a good friend to help you when you need it! :)

and thank you for the sweet shout out as well! we are all in this together :)

kyna... said...

What a sweet sweet friend!! You are so so blessed!
♥ Kyna

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