Monday, October 15, 2012

TV Review

Ahhh...TV has returned.  I was planning on doing a post about this awhile ago, but so many other bloggers did it.  So maybe to change it up a bit, a few weeks later, I am telling you the shows that I have found worth seeing.

Of all the new shows I have started watching, I have only dropped one.  I am on the fence about two.  It's always fun to see new shows but I really did not need so many to watch.

Favorite New Shows
Partners - It is created by the men who created Will & Grace.  And you can tell.  The gay character in this show is a Jack reincarnation.  It bothered me at first, and the show can be cheesy...however, it makes me laugh.  A lot.  

The Mindy Project - Mindy is hilarious!

The New Normal - Maybe I am just in love with gay characters.  They are so funny.

Go On - Truthfully this one is hit or miss.  I love Matthew Perry so I will continue to watch, but there is room for improvement.

X Factor - It took me awhile to get into it but now that they have it narrowed down I have fallen in love with quite a few acts.

Most Excited Returns
Scandal - This show just keeps surprising you left and right.

Ben & Kate - Just could not get into it.  I didn't even laugh once.

Sad to see Leaving
30 Rock - Their final season is only 13 episodes long!  I think it is time for the show to end but come on, at least give us a full season!

On the Fence
Nashville - Parts seem interesting, some not.  I'll give it a few more episodes.

Chicago Fire - I see this as my new "Hart of Dixie".  A bad, cheesy, drama-like show.  But one I get sucked into.  It also gets a few more episodes before I make my final decision.

Other Returning Faves
Dancing With The Stars
How I Met Your Mother
Two Broke Girls
Raising Hope
Happy Endings
Hart of Dixie
Law & Order: SVU - (I still miss Stabler! But it's not as bad as I thought it would be.)

Criminal Minds
Parks & Recreation
The Office - Only watching because I've somewhat followed it through the years and want to see the final season.
Up All Night
The Amazing Race

I have left out some shows that are non prime-time, and are on a break right now (Not Rachel & Ross "we're on a break" way though, so don't worry)

Like always I have showcased my horrible addiction to TV.  Sometimes I'm ashamed, sometimes I'm not.  At least I am entertained.   

Have you started watching a new show you absolutely love?  Or were disappointed in one a la Ben & Kate?

Oh!  And come back tomorrow!  Announcing a week long link-up with Katie, and if you participate?  You will be entered to win a giveaway exclusively for this link-up!!!  


Nichole said...

Darn it! I forgot about the Mindy project! I need to find reruns! And I love New Normal & GO On I would agree with; I keep watching but its hit or miss

Kodie said...

After one episode I am HOOKED on Chicago Fire :) The one guy used to be on a show I loved but it got canned, so I was happy to see him in this.

And after one episode, I decided Nashville isn't worth my time :( It takes a lot to hook me on a show and I just couldn't get into the acting...I thought it was just bad.

A couple seasons ago I found myself forcing myself to watch certain shows. I realized there is so much I could be doing with my time, and I don't HAVE to watch certain shows. Like Revenge...I know everyone likes it, but it was just boring to me, so I gave it up. That's why now, after an episode, if I'm not hooked or don't see potential, I give up. And it's so nice to have a couple nights a week with only 1 show or no shows :) I did get hooked on Parenthood this weekend though, so me and my netflix have a date whenever I have free time until I am caught up.

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