Thursday, May 23, 2013

Keep Yourself Protected...Even If It's Uncomfortable.

"Everyday in May" topic today?   A rant.  

* note:  i am not an officer of safety or of the law...these are mostly my opinions...but ones that could save you or your families lives.*

Ok, so I take this rant today as a serious one.   Something that just makes me so angry and heated.  

Seat belts.

I'm sorry, if I offend you if you don't wear yours, but I really think you should.

I don't care if you live in the country (that is my brother-in-law's excuse), I don't care if they make you uncomfortable (my mother-in-law's excuse)...What would you rather have?   Being uncomfortable  in a car for a short period of time, or dying?   I think that the answer should be pretty clear.

I am very passionate about this, not affected completely directly but i had a classmate who died after he was thrown from his car.  Haven't you heard the stories? People thrown from their car and dying?   I have even heard a local story where someone got thrown from their car and the then it landed on them, which ultimately was their cause of death.

I worked at a fast food restaurant in the drive thru and I would see children bouncing around in the drove me crazy.   Do they realize this is a child's life?  More importantly a life?   

I am a big believer in, you can raise your child your way (breastfeeding, attachment, clothe diapers, etc)  as long as your children are safe...but when it comes to car seat safety...I have a problem.

Tighten your children's straps!  They shouldn't be riding down their shoulders!
Do not put heavy jackets on babies in their car seat!  They can slip right out of them!
And my number one pet peeve...
The handle for your baby's car seat is meant to be put down when they are in the car.   It doesn't matter if there is a toy on there for your child's enjoyment.  Think about it: you are in a car accident and your (rear seated) baby seat gets flown to the back of your backseat.   The bar?  It hurts them...gets in their way... If you have it down the car seat top gets pushed to the backseat and it acts like a cocoon to protect them.   


I'm sorry if my being on my soapbox today bothers you but I feel like this is so important.  And such an easy safety precaution to take.  

So easy that it saves lives.


Suze said...

I totally agree! A lot of people around me say, well sometimes seat belts get in the way in times of an accident. While that may be true, way more often, it keeps you in the car!

My dad was the only one wearing his seat belt in the accident that broke his back and paralyzed him. Everyone else walked away with no injuries. It wasn't because he was wearing his seat belt, it was because he was the driver and the way the car rolled. People try to excuse their lack of caution, but all it sounds to me is like people thinking nothing bad will happen to them. You never know, so err on the side of caution. Especially with something so easy to do! And with kids! Dang.

Haybaby102 said...

I wore my seatbelt to pull out of the garage today!

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