Friday, May 24, 2013

Three Things That Are Wrong With Me

Today it's all about your top 3 worst traits.   It was hard to narrow it down to just 3. ;)
So here they are...from my point of view.

I'm sensitive.
Being sensitive is not always necessarily a bad trait, but for me it is.   I'm so sensitive, there is a story my mom tells me, I was getting talked to sternly by my dad and he slammed his hand on the table and I burst into tears.   Mostly all it takes is a nasty look and I'm bawling.   

I'm a horrible procrastinator.
I mean soooooo bad.   I'm talking 10 page papers written the night before they are due.   I'm talking having to catch the train at 7 am in Germany to fly home and furiously finishing packing at 6:30 am and almost missing my train.

I stay up way too late for my own good/I am a perpetual night owl.  
Let me tell how you much sleep I lose because of this.   Lately Mason is getting up at 7 am (normal yes for any other child, but wasn't for mine) and so I am averaging 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night!  And I can't stop!   I get a second wind around 10 pm and I play games/watch TV/read until early in the morning.   My eye is twitching at this moment because of lack of sleep.    Also Guss is the complete opposite, he is bouncing around at 8 am while I could sleep till 1 pm....and get to on Mother's Day! :)

Have a great Friday lovies!!!


Alana Christine said...

I have to admit, I'm pretty sensitive as well. I mean, I can act tough and throw out digs like nobody's business, but I do not take criticism well AT ALL

Kelsea said...

Girl, I feel you on #s two and three! ;) I'm up right now late as my baby sleeps when I know he'll be up to eat soon! It's awful!

Mason's Mama said...

I can definitely relate with #1 & #2!!!! But I am way too old, I guess. I am holding my eyelids open after 9pm.

Katie said...

I am a ball of sensitivity! Lol. You probably know this. And yes you are a night owl!

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