Sunday, May 5, 2013

Love these girls

It may be late in the day, but I am determined to do this everyday in May challenge.  I still have 16 minutes left central time!!!

Today is all about blog friends.  Ok you are supposed to choose one to talk about but I can't.   I love too many.   Unfortunately I can't list them all (you can see a more comprehensive list here) but here are some of my favorites.

I'm pretty sure we started following each other/talking when we both had like 20 followers.  But I have loved her ever since.   She's funny, kind, and I swear when we were kids we were identical. I swear that picture is coming Alana!   Plus, she had taken a bit of a blogging break and I am so  excited she is back!

Well, I really wish this girl lived closer to me, I'm pretty sure we would be best friends.  We seem to share the same opinions about everything.  Whether it be parenting, sarcasm, music...I'm lucky to have found her and become her bloggy friend. 

Who is sweeter than this girl?   I feel like she is one of the most down to earth girls ever and I can count on her being real.   I am so excited to finally meet her in June!  I hope she isn't let down by how much of a loser I really am :)

Please, go visit these wonderful people.   They all have some great things to share and I really do *mushy cheesy* love them!


Alana Christine said...

Love you! I cannot wait to see this picture!

Meghan said...

I've seen a lot of people participate in the blog challenge! I might have to jump on board...

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