Monday, August 29, 2011

30DC Day 4 (F) TV Night

Day 4: A picture of your night....I am actually copping out and not using a photo I took, but instead some logos, because who really wants to see a picture of me watching TV.

Well, Monday night is all about TV for me...especially this summer.  I thank the heavens for my DVR because I tape 7 (yes 7!!!) shows.  Here are some of my faves...the first one is EXTRA SPECIAL because they are announcing the new cast of 'Dancing With The Stars'!!! Yes, I am that person.  Of course I don't ever think they are 'stars' but they are people you probably have heard about at least once.  

Then of course I am joined by some of these old friends.  It's a Monday...that's my excuse.  

Other than those shows, I tape House Hunters, House Hunters International, Intervention, and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (of which I actually went to taping of...but that's for some other time.  

So...the toddler is in bed (or crib if you prefer), Guss is being obsessive over Fantasy Football stuff, and I get the TV all to myself!

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