Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day Zero Project

So for a while I have wanted to do the "30 before 30" list.  Where you try to accomplish 30 things by the time you turn 30 years old.  But then I discovered the Day Zero Project where you do 101 things in 1001 days.  I figured that was about the same amount of time, AND I am already doing three, yes THREE, 30 Day Blog Challenges so here I am with Day Zero.

My List is here on the Day Zero official website and here on my blog.  I will be blogging about my accomplishments as they happen.  I am excited just to do these.  I know that if I put them out there (even if no one reads this) it would get my ass in gear.


Holly said...

YAY!!! It is SO fun to try and complete the list!! I had another one before this that ended and I only had 58 things done...which was depressing. I'm really hoping I will get more done on this one and I feel like I will.

Great blog, thanks for stopping by mine as well!

Miranda said...


I was happy to find a way to write down all my goal will get my butt in gear (hopefully) haha

Kasey said...

awesome idea! I think I might give it a go too!!

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