Friday, August 26, 2011

My First "Fill in the Blank Friday"

Linking up and doing my first 'Fill In The Blank Friday' from the little things we do

1.   One of life's most simple pleasures is     the sound of your child laughing .

2.    People who don't use their blinkers      makes me want to punch someone.(them)

3.  I like    wine   because,    it makes me feel fancy :)  .

4.    lallygagging   is a funny word.

5.  If I had to choose one beauty product to use for the rest of eternity it would be    mascara...i use it everyday because my eyelashes are so light .

6.  I'm happy that    Regular season football games are about to start - Go Packers!    .

7.  I would never     mow a lawn (one of my weird life goals)    .


Kasey said...

yeah those "no blinker" people really get me too! in fact, I get so ticked off when I'm driving that I try not to do it if I can help it. people just really do not know how to drive!

kristen said...

haha! This is cute!! Mowing the lawn sucks!! Keeps that goals! haha!

Cute blog! I love the header! Your little boy is precious!

Miranda said...

it seems like no one knows how to drive!

@kristen thank you! i can't believe i pulled off a good header because i am so bad at this blog stuff! i also think my boy is precious but i am very biased! :)

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