Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 3 (G and P)

Day 3 - three of your biggest passions

My Family - I love my family.  They all drive me nuts and sometimes I can't stand them but they are the best family I'll ever know.  And just so everyone knows - I have 1 dad, 1 mom, 3 sisters (kinda - that's a different story), 1 husband, 1 son, 1 mother-in-law, 3 brothers-in-law, 4 nieces, 5 nephews, and 2 golden retrievers.

Art History - I got my Bachelor's Degree in this subject (not a good idea) but I really wanted to get a degree in something I loved.  And I did. And now I have no job. (Besides staying at home with my son - which is a HUGE job)  But I love all kinds of art and learning about it.  I would love to work in a museum someday but it is quite the competitive field and I would need to get my Masters.  Maybe someday.

Travel - I love to travel.  I don't get to do it as much because of money.  (Damn money) but one of my ultimate life goals is to visit all 50 states like my grandparents did.  I have been to quite a few and I did study abroad in Germany (my minor in college was German) for 4 months and while their I went to Rome, Italy, and Prague, Czech Republic (where my mom's family is from).  And of course countless cities in Germany.  But I want to go back! And visit so many more places.  But we'll see.

Day 3: Something have to forgive yourself for
- this one is really hard.  I guess there are 2 that come to mind.  One, I need to forgive myself for gaining a bunch of weight after I had my son.  I am still beating myself up about it but it was bad choices.  When I was pregnant I had Gestational Diabetes and I couldn't eat anything a pregnant woman (or me as a pregnant woman) craved.  No more spaghetti, cookies, french fries and the worse - no more ice cream.  I am not a sweets person, unless I am pregnant and I was eating ice cream every night.  So I stopped eating them for my health and the health of my son but after he was born...I had someone bring me a large order of McDonald's fries and I guess I just never stopped. I was telling myself I was making up for lost time.  And now that he is almost 17 months old, I can't blame it on "I just had a baby - and it was a c-section".   The second thing I have to forgive myself for I won't write much about because it's a little too personal/embarrassing and I'm not there yet.  I just made some not-so-great choices from the ages of 13-15 and then 19-21.  Regarding my relationships and my body.  But I am different now and we would all be boring if we didn't some sort of secret or past.  (or that is just what I tell myself)

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