Saturday, August 27, 2011

Things Loved In August

I know it isn't quite the end of August but I figured, oh well.  I plan to do this every month to kind of recap my favorite things of the past few weeks.

1. Pinterest  

I am sure a lot of people have heard of this by now but I am in complete love with this site.  It is so addicting and so nice.  I am constantly on that website.

2. Crazy/Stupid/Love

Saw this movie with my BCF (best cousin forever) Katie when she came to visit (see number 4) and I loved it.  I was afraid it wouldn't be very good because every time I think a movie will be hilarious, it sucks.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  Yes, it had the cheesy moments every romantic comedy has but overall it was hilarious.  Plus it had Ryan Gosling in it...which you know I love.

3. Intervention - I feel guilty liking this show because it shows some really bad struggles and hard times for the people involved.  I really feel for them and it is sad I find it so entertaining but it also puts in the perspective why I would never, NEVER do causes so much pain, hurt, and of course affects your health.  But a little confession...sometimes I have a beer or glass of wine while watching it and I feel bad.  Especially if it's about an alcoholic.

4. Visit from my cousin Katie - On my mom's side I have 15 cousins.  It wasn't until my Grandpa Kovar died that we became so close.  We really bonded at his funeral and even though it was sad circumstances I think he would be really happy how close all the cousins are now.  But the one I have connected with the most was my cousin Katie who is just a year younger than me.  We are so alike and can relate on so many levels (having 2 older sisters), and we just can say anything to each other.  She came and visited and we had dinner and went to the movies (see number 2) and then talked until 3:30 in the morning (even though I had to be up at 7:15 to babysit and then take care of my own child.  But it was worth it.  These are pictures of us in the last 2 years.

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