Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween (Yes, I'm still talking about it)

This should be my last Halloween post.  Sorry but I had lots going on! :)  For someone who isn't a big fan of Halloween I sure did a lot of Halloween stuff.  I realized after I uploaded these, that I should have made some type of collage but too late now! *Warning: Lots & lots of photos!*
I made these owl brownie cupcakes!
My table ready for the Halloween weekend

These next pictures are from the party I went to.  This is at my friend Candis' mom's Party.  They are obsessed with Halloween.  Her (somewhat) new husband & her got engaged at the party, then got married around Halloween (with an appropriate themed wedding).  They had an awesome scary maze this year  (first picture) and they always have a graveyard and everything inside is Halloween (and a dance floor!).  It was a blast!
The greatest thing about Candis' mom getting remarried? Her new husband's last name is Bates!  How fitting is that?
This is a real pumpkin! It was ginormous! 
We didn't go out for Halloween but Mason did dress up as Batman! (this was at the end of the night so excuse the dirty shirt!)

I was Leslie Knope from "Parks & Rec" but sorry I didn't get any pictures.  However here is the "Knope 2012" button I had on my lapel, then my binder and lanyard!  Even though a lot of people didn't know who I was, I still thought it was a great costume!


Kasey said...

haha love your costume idea! Those brownie cupcakes look amazing.

McFisch said...

Oh my goodness! Cutest owl cupcakes ever! What a great idea :)

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