Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Things I Loved in October

Hard to believe it is already November, but sure enough October is over!  So now I will share some of the things I loved in October!

1. So many people I know agree with me, I love these two new shows!  Revenge & Pan Am.  I DVR'd both of them from the beginning but didn't watch Revenge until 4 episodes in and Pan Am, 6.  So I had quite the marathon and also got a little spoiled!  Now I have to wait it seems like forever for a new episode!

2. Blog Swaps.  So far I am involved in two. (sorry both of these are already closed)  The first is the 101 in 1001 blogswap hosted by Holly and the next is a nail polish/scarf swap by Jessica & Ashlee.

3. My girls EBF Weekend.  I had a great time hanging out, talking, eating, etc.  We laugh a lot and come away from the weekend with lines we say to each on facebook for at least a few weeks.  My awesome cousin Katie brought us little gift bags with Halloween goodies and a freaken Coach wallet!  Yes, you heard it right!  She got them for us from the outlet store but still...amazing!  Love you BCF!  On the 29th I went to a Halloween party that I will talk about a little later this week.  Also my husband is excited about going away for the weekend but always comes back a little clingy. :) gotta love it.
4. I have over 50 followers...I am still in shock and can't believe people actually read the jibberish I put out there! Thank You All! :)

5. My new fall boots from Target.  I went a size bigger to make room for big socks!

6.  Mason says his own little version of "love you"...whenever I give him a hug or when he goes to sleep I say "love you" and he goes "haaa oooo".

And because I hate ending on an even number:

 7. Skinnygirl Margarita.  When you are trying to lose weight but still want to enjoy a beverage then here ya go.  They also make a Sangria and new flavor White Cranberry Cosmo.


Anonymous said...

Revenge & Skinny Girl Margs - AMEN!

megs [at] Shine On

Alana Christine said...

I love Coach! That was a great gift! Oh, and I love the boots too!

Kodie said...

I just started watching Revenge last weekend and am HOOKED!! I watched the most recent episode Sunday and am DYING for the new one :)

Wojtalewicz/Gierach Family said...

Love Revenge! Its a great show!

Melissa:: Strong Sense of Style said...

Thanks for your well wishes on my 30-day challenge! Is it only week 2?!?? Ugh. It's not easy but it feels good to be disciplined. I am OBSESSED w Revenge. I completely agree that the weeks feel EPIC in btw. Just a few more hours....... ;)

McFisch said...

I am hooked on Revenge. Also love those boots!

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