Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's Ok Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

Doing that oh-so-famous link up today with Neely & Amber!

it's ok...

...that when you ask Mason where his nose is, he actually puts his finger in his nose

...that I shed a tear this morning when my laptop wouldn't work (by some miracle it is working right now) have my mom help me out with somethings every once in a while have just bought my swap stuff that need to be sent tomorrow (I am such a procrastinator) swear regularly at blogger because they have been acting all sorts of whack  lately

...that i have eaten leftovers 4 days in a row "help me, i'm poor!" (BM)

...for Santa to get Mason mostly books for Christmas because he has waaayyy too many toys and I'm sure he'll get more from the grandparents

Happy Happy Thursday!!!


Elisabeth said...

love this :) just found your blog and its so cute!
i really the like "its okay to have my mom help me out with thigns every once in awhile" ... for some reason once i got married ithought i had to do things on my own - but i totally call her twice a week.

your newest follower :)

Jessica Renee said...

You think YOU'RE slacking? I created this swap and I'm still not done with my package! Awful!! lol.. I just got reminded too that post offices will be closed tomorrow for Veteran's Day. So the deadline will definitely be a little flexible!

Kasey said...

Yeah, I'm sort of slacking. I ordered some things last Friday. I've gotten two items in the mail already for two different swaps. Just need to get the rest!

And books are good. I dread having to deal with so many toys. Blah.

Ashley said...

We said no toys for Wylie for his birthday and Christmas but I already know he'll probably get bigger toys! I only asked for clothes for him.

Alana Christine said...

Blogger has been screwing up my "following" news feed lately! I'm falling behind on the blogs I love to read :(

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