Thursday, October 27, 2011

Enchanted Beer Forest

Enchanted Beer Forest?  What the hell is that?  Well first off, we actually call it EBF for short.

Every fall and on the last weekend of October is EBF.  EBF is camping, drinking, and burning things.  Guss has been collecting things to burn since last EFB.  This year he has a headboard, coffee table, nightstand, couch, and random wood.  Previously there has been dressers and pretty much anything that can burn.
I have never been there because I am not allowed.  (Rules below).  My mom has six brothers and they are quite the bunch.  I think it has been almost 20 years they have been having EBF and as the years go on more people have been invited.  The usual to attend?  Well my uncles, my cousins, my girl cousins husbands, friends, and of course my husband.

*FYI - This is not an actual sign* :)

The Rules of the Enchanted Beer Forest
1. No girls allowed.  Unless they are hookers. (so there has never been a girl there haha)
2. Pull Loren (my uncle) away from the fire because my Grandma says so.
(i guess once he passed out near the fire)

And that's it.

Well this year (since I hate being alone), my two girl cousins, Katie & Haylee, are coming to celebrate our own EBF.  But no camping and burning things.  Maybe a little drinking, girl talk, and games!  So this year I am super excited!  Does your husband or significant other have a guys only weekend?  If they do, I'm curious to know if anyone else has a weird yet funny name for it.


Holly said...

Hahahahaa that's hilarious...seriously, what a funny thing to call a guy's weekend!!! I love your explanation... "camping, drinking, and burning things" LOL :) Have a great time at your girls only EBF!!

Kasey said...

haha that is awesome. A girls weekend sounds so fun! I could totally use one. D is going to Kansas next weekend. No one will wanna come to my house though. Poo.

They all used to have a weekend when they were younger but it wasn't just a guy thing. I went the first year we were together but after that, they decided they were getting too old for all the shenanigans. lol. I'm kinda glad they stopped going because I hear the stories from before my time and Dennis always says "I can't believe no one died". o_O Yeah, it's that bad.

Amanda said...

Omg when I read tour post title I was like what the heck! That is sooooooooo funny! Haha. The rule about our uncle is hilarious.

Meg said...

Haha this post is great. I had to reread it because I thought you actually brought the party to the theme park - until I read the FYI under the pic : ) Blonde moment!

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