Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DO NOT READ if you haven't seen the finale of DWTS!!!

Ok...So I hate spoilers so I am giving you the chance to click that sad little X if you haven't seen the finale of "Dancing With The Stars".

Ok, now your just out of luck if you are still reading and haven't seen it.  You really are asking for it.

Anyways.   All I have to say is ....

YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our Green Bay Packer boy man (did you see those abs?!) Donald Driver won!!!

I was going crazy with nerves but I am so happy!  I am not trying to offend any other NFL team's fans but the Green Bay Packers are America's Team!  And with awesome dancing (did you see that freestyle?!?!?!)  and kick ass fans he won!  First we won the Superbowl and now he's bringing home the Mirror Ball!!! (Ok so I would totally pick a Superbowl win any day over the DWTS win but hey...winning both is awesome!)

*Side note, can I just say how much I hate caring so much about these shows...I get nervous and my stomach hurts.  Loving TV this much can't be healthy*

Wisconsin is doing good these last few years!  Represent the Dairy State (haha that sounds weird)

So sorry there isn't more....I'm coming off my adrenaline high from the win and need to watch American Idol and vote like crazy for Phillip Phillips.  I really wanted a girl to win this year (since it has been forever) but I have fallen under his raspy/folksy spell.   - - - That's right...I am a TV Junkie and I refuse any "gift" to fix it.  (a little something for my "Intervention" watching peeps)   

Wait...did I just say peeps?  Excuse me.

Love you all from the bottom of my black but full heart.  I'm actually a really mean person underneath it all ;)

*guess I'm just feeling crazy tonight*

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Barbie said...

YAYYY!!!!! Ps Black but full heart cracked me up hahaha!

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