Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Truth (that you can handle)

So yesterday I posted my 2 truths and a lie, today is the results show.  (I've been watching too much Dancing With The Stars)

Here is the review:

1. I broke my arm in Middle School during free time/recess.
2. I've met conjoined twins.
3. I have been to Disney World 3 times.

I have to say...I fooled you all.  Is it wrong to be happy about that?  That I'm a good liar.  I'm a strange person.  No one guessed the lie...which was number 1.  I have actually never broken in a bone in my life...and I hope to keep it that way!

Number 2:  I met the conjoined twins when I was working at McDonald's.  Ok, we don't talk and hang out but i served them at McDonald's.  They are pretty famous conjoined twins who I believe you can find here.  But I'm not 100% that is them, but they were similar in the fact that they shared a body and had 2 heads.  (Also they come from the state next to mine)

Number 3:  I have in fact been to Disney World 3 times.  First time I was 5 years old and my parents surprised my sisters and I.

Second time, I was a Junior in high school and we had a choir trip to Disney to perform.

Finally, we went to Disney on our Honeymoon.  We really wanted to go to Hawaii but we just didn't have the money.  Below are pictures of all three Disney trips.  

Aren't you jealous of my awesome haircut?

Meeting Cinderella for the 2nd time.

Tea cups!!!

This is actually a frame on our computer desk from our honeymoon.

Ok, so I guess I told another mini lie.  I was going to post my "What did they DO to you?" part 2 today, but I didn't realize I was going to make this a whole post.  But it is coming come back!  Thanks lovies!!!


Alana Christine said...

Dangit, I was wrong! lol. #2 is awesome!!

Katie said...

I cannot believe I didn't know that!!

Monica said...

Ooh man! I wondered about one but it seemed so common haha! Lucky for you not having broken any bones!

Mallory said...

Way to go on fooling everyone! I was not as successfull;)

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