Thursday, May 31, 2012

Late to the party (as usual)...

So I know I am super late.  But since I took a mini break I will pretend pictures from Mother's Day weekend is still relevant.  Because really?  Isn't everyday Mother's Day? *sarcasm*
*that's not to say it shouldn't be, just to say it never is!*

Here's the rub rundown.  Friday Guss & I stayed in a hotel so we didn't have to get up super super early to get to Milwaukee.  We were going to a Brewers vs Cubs game with my BCF & her husband to celebrate her upcoming Birthday.  (Brewers won!!!  Even saw a Grand Slam!)  Going to baseball games are so much fun, but if they win it makes it so much better!  

Picture overload a comin'.

Man alive, I LOVE this place.  The closest one I live near is an hour and a half away.  So when I'm close, I jump on that thing!  

Miller Park!!!  Four Packer players actually threw out the first pitch!  Happy Surprise! :)
I somehow couldn't capture them in the act (and I doubt you would wanna see anyways) but this couple were packing on the PDA and making me wanna throw up in my mouth. (or on them)
Then this little drunken gem came around.  Here she is leaning on her friend.  They actually were in the wrong seats and wrong section.  
I'm surprised she didn't eat it walking those stairs. 
Downtown Milwaukee
We went to a bar right next to our hotel.  It was dead but really cool.  And the bartender was really nice to us.  My favorite part is this "phone booth"  where it has chargers for all types of phones.  How cool is that?
We had quite a few of these magical shots.  RumChata.  Tastes like cinnamon toast crunch...which could be dangerous.  But we ended up getting 4 free drinks because we had our tickets to the game!  Score!

Well I actually am going to make this into 2 posts...because it is getting loooong.  So check back later for my actual mother's day!  Don't miss it.  There will be donuts.  Unfortunately they are now gone, but still...I talk about them.

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Katie said...

That girl was a hot mess! I can't believe you were able to get a photo! Rumchata is SO good! You me and haylee need to plan a trip soon for our annual brewer game! (and stay at our favorite hotel) :)

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