Friday, May 25, 2012

Nails & Swap!!!

So I actually had my nails painted like this last week but I didn't post about it.  This week my nails are breathing and naked!  *gasp*  But I will have time over the weekend to add some color!

Anyways, linking up Tara and Vicki once again!   

Sephora by OPI "I don't bite" & the glitter is one of those cheap little Bon Bons polish from Wal-Mart.

*notes:  I realize they look a bit messy.  I learned my lesson that you should not do your nails after drinking wine.  I did end cleaning them up a bit and the next day they were so much cuter!*

Ok, so now I was wondering if any of you lovely people would like to swap buttons.  I have 2 requirements:  No money involved and your button should be around the same size as mine.  (I have a variety of sizes).  Just to make it fair. I already have four ladies I am going to swap buttons with and want to know if there is anyone else out there!  Well have a great weekend lovies.  I will have a mini-post tomorrow...for a special someone.  :)


Jamie said...

Pretty nails!

tara said...

LOVE it!! so pretty!

Kimberlee said...

Pretty nail polish!

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