Friday, December 2, 2011

Blog Challenge Outfits

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Today for the Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge we are talking about Ideal outfits for Christmas/NYE festivities.

Well since it is ideal and not reality these may be a little far fetched.  But I so wish they were mine.

This is what I would love to wear for Christmas!

This is more like me...but not quite yet...but I want it.

This is what I would LOVE to wear on New Year's Eve.  However, where I live in isn't happening.  But isn't it beautiful?


Mia Maree said...

I LOVE the gray!! I can understand the Wisconsin husbands from there and I'm from Minnesota. Just gotta get a cute coat and deal with cold :-) Great picks!!

Kasey said...

I LOVE gray. That last dress is gorgeous! I love all these outfits! Now I need to get a bod to pull something like these off. haha.

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