Thursday, December 29, 2011

It been awhile...'s been soooo long.  And I am so sorry.  I have taken a break like a lot of bloggers.  I just haven't had any time plus we finally are getting un-exhausted (word?).  Do you want to know how exhausted my son was from all the festivities?  Well here is his sleep schedule.

Dec 24:  Midnight to 7am (he doesn't like sleeping out of town)
Dec 25: 11pm to 9am
Dec 26: (back home) 7pm to NOON!  you heard right...noon!
Dec 27: 8pm to 10am  - I was extremely jealous for this one because I had to get up at 6am to babysit my cousin

Here is the run down of Christmas and below are all the lovely pictures from the weekend.

Christmas Eve Eve:  My husband, Mason, and I had a nice home-cooked dinner  and then opened gifts.  Mason got into the opening of presents this year so it was way more fun, but posed a problem the next few days where he was trying to (and succeeded) in opening everyone else's gifts.

Christmas Eve: Dinner and Gifts at my Mother-in-Law's.  Guss's brother was there with his 4 year old son, and 11 month old twins.  Add Mason and it is child chaos.

Christmas:  We spent the day at my parents house where we opened gifts and our annual Spaghetti dinner.  Then of course it was a great Christmas with a Packer game (and win!)  More child chaos with Mason once again, my sister's daughter, and my other sister's 5(!!!) kids.  

Lastly, today is my husband's golden Birthday!  Happy 29th Birthday on the 29th baby!!!

My parent's Christmas Tree

Mason's big gift from us :) 

Opening a his awesome (nerdy - so says my husband) Christmas outfit

1. Nieces and Nephews galore
2. My beautiful niece Juliana Rose
3. Mason absolutely loves my niece Abby, and has ever since he was a baby

All my nieces & nephews.  From left to right.  Ryan (1), Molly (12), John & Bill (more twins! - 9), Juliana (10 months), Abby (11), Mason

I have probably mentioned this before but Mason has never slept anywhere but his crib/pack and play (and occasionally car seat) so you can tell how tired he was this weekend when he fell asleep in a highchair!  Then when he woke up he snuggled with Aunt Melissa.
P.S.  So I got like one question for the ask me anything...*sad face*.  But that's OK.  I will give it 2 more weeks with a few reminders and then I give up.  :)  


Holly said...

I think we've all been on a blogging break with the holiday madness! But I'm glad you had a good holiday and glad to see you back :)

Monica said...

Looks like a wonderful time! My nephew got that same kitchen set and he loves it to death! We were pretending to drink coffee and eat hot dogs all day!

Holly said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Mason is soo cute & I like his nerdy outfit haha. And a happy birthday to your husband as well :)

Kodie said...

Yay for a Packers win!! Let's just hope we can keep it up through the playoffs (I've decided I'm ok with losing this weekend...doesn't mean I won't be a nervous wreck though come Sunday AND Monday).

Alana Christine said...
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Sandra Kohlmann said...

I just found your blog via Mallory's Musings. Yay for Wisconsin bloggers! And yay for the Packers winning! It looks like you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. I love the picture of all the kids on the couch!

Cori H. said...

Awww poor Mason was so tired from all the excitement! Sounds like y'all had a great Christmas! That toy kitchen looks amazing! They've come a long way since I had one when I was a child.

Trish said...

I went on a looooong blogging break. There was just no time, then I was out of town and then I got a stupid cold! Next year I think I'll try to schedule a bunch of posts in advance...or I'll probably forget and end up taking a long break again :)

lori said...

looks like a fabulous christmas!!! such cute kids.

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