Sunday, December 4, 2011

Things I Loved in November

Well it is a few days late but here is some things I have loved/been obsessed with in November.  Enjoy!!!

1. How I met Your Mother:  You have heard me talking about this a few times now so I won't add anymore.  Except I am in love.  Oh and I tried watching the episodes I missed of Season 7 online but the quality sucks...any suggestions?!

2. Thanksgiving:  This is a given.  I had a great day of food, family, and football (Packers!!!)

3. My DVR:  While I was living in a land that consisted of only "HIMYM"  this baby has been working overtime.  However when I returned from my hiatus I only had 18% available.  Ouch.

4. Dogs as vacuum cleaners: Mason's idea of throwing his food on the floor is in full swing.  No matter the discipline, he won't stop.  So the dogs come to the rescue and eat it all up.  If only they could eat carpet stains as well.

5. Swaps:  I had so much fun doing swaps this month (talked about here and here)  I loved finding things for my partners and who doesn't like presents?!

6. My New Keurig: Talked about here.  It's still awesome.  I love it.  Enough said.

7. Headbands/Sunglasses: Yes, these things are great for me.  To protect from the sun and hide that I'm not wearing makeup or when I don't wash my hair.  But...I love it more because my son loves them.  He plays with these things for hours.  Headbands:  they become necklaces and belts to him.  Sunglasses:  Open them.  Close them.  Repeat a million time.  Yes he does this.  And it makes me happy that the simple things entertain him.


Alana Christine said...

1. I really need to sit down and watch every episode of HIMYM...
2. DVR is my best friend. Seriously.
3. That's the number 1 reason I miss having a dog--I hate having to bend over and pick up food when I drop it. Can you say LAZY? ha ha

Sophie said...

i loveee How I Met Your Mother! i need to catch up on so much though. but its the best show :)
i just found your blog and i lovee it. im following :) x

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