Monday, December 12, 2011

Snow Snow Snow

So this post is about snow.  If you are from my neck of the woods you are going to think this is boring.  If might say something like "this is beautiful" or "I wish i had some."  Well don't.  Don't let the glimmer deceive you.

The snow can be evil.  And cold.  And dangerous.  And cold.  

In  a perfect snow world you can go out in 25 degree weather (in Wisconsin we are not strangers with negative degree weather) and frolic in the snow, make snow angels, snowmen, then come inside and have hot chocolate by a roaring fire.

But here?  In the non-perfect snow world?  We are lucky if our street gets plowed in a day.  We spend half the day shoveling and snow blowing.  We drive on streets that don't have salt on it to prevent us from sliding all over the place.  (My town just had construction and because it is new there is no salt at a busy intersection...because it will deteriorate the roads quicker. What's a few lives, huh?)    

However...I will try to keep the dream alive in these photos.  And as much as snow makes me shake my fist at the heavens for the next 6 months...the first one is always pretty.  It makes you think that it is perfect...and it will call you back.  But it never does never does.    

1.  Snow covered car
2. My uggs and snow
3. I (only like) the first snow
4.  It looks like a bunch of stars

Mason in all his winter gear.  He is so funny to watch in all of this...he walks like a marshmallow-robot! :)


Alana Christine said...

We rarely get "good" snow in Oklahoma--we get ice. ha ha. Last year we were iced in for like a week with electricity going on and off. I mean, we had like 3 ft snow drifts, but it was pure ice under it.

Jessica Renee said...

I am definitely that person who says I really want the snow! But not being used to it, I know I'd get tired of it real quick. It really does look pretty though :)

L0veLindsey said...

Lol I'm with you on snow.. I love it at first because it's pretty and I love snuggling up by a fire with some hot chocolate.. but then the next morning when I have to scrape my car off and slide down the road because they can't keep up with the snowfall I curse it!

My last year in NY we had 3 feet of snow in October.. no thanks! Lol If I wanna snowboard I'll fly or drive to it :)

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kyna... said...

Mason is ADORABLE all bundled up! :-)
♥ Kyna

Haybaby102 said...

I was in town for the snow, but when I got home, the storm had completely missed my house. No pretty snow yet here.

Holly said...

Love all of these pictures!!! I really want it to snow here...we're still on rain and I'm sick of it. Love that pic of Mason, what a cutie!

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