Thursday, December 15, 2011


So today I am doing another link-up.  Sorry but this is a new one and seems pretty great.  It's from Jenn at Perfectly Imperfect.  I will be back next week with some non-link-ups - even though there is nothing wrong with them...just figured I should give them a break sometimes! :)  So...Currently.

current book(s):
I have had my cousin's book 'The Help' forever now and I really need to start reading it.  I have heard some great things about this book and also some people saying they couldn't get into it.  I guess we'll see.  Did you like it?

current playlist:
Lady Antebellum - 'Just A Kiss'
Bruno Mars - 'It Will Rain'
One Republic - 'Come Home'  (this is an older song but Faith Hill did a remake - sorry but I think it is horrible - but I love the song so it is making a comeback on my iPod)

current color:
Grey.  I wear this color all the time...practically all of my cardigans are grey. Plus I have fallen in love with grey eyeshadow and nail polish.

current drink:
Have you ever eaten at a 'Texas Roadhouse'?  Well it is a restaurant but they have this awesome margarita called the Jamaican Cowboy. 
 1/2 oz Malibu Rum
1/2 oz Peach Schnapps
1 oz Tequila of choice
Equal part Pineapple Juice and Orange Juice
Serve on the rocks or blended...It is delicious!

current food:
It's my grandma's recipe and pretty simple.  Noodles and a can of tomatoes. I add a lot of pepper, salt, and garlic seasoning and it is pretty good.  

current favorite show:
Well the two shows I have been talking about the most.  "Revenge" and "How I Met Your Mother".  How much do you love these shows?

current needs:
*Money, Money, Money, Money, Mooonnneeeyyyy* (don't we all need it?)

current triumph(s):
We have been cooking at home more.  We need to keep doing this!

current bane(s) of my existence:
A certain baby (that is not mine) that I babysit.  Trust me...if you knew this baby you would understand.  And the two that do know her...sorry. :)

current celebrity crush:
Ryan Gosling.  I know, I know he has been on a lot of people's list lately but I have loved him since "Murder By Numbers" with Sandra Bullock.  So I am not new to the Ryan train.

current #1 blessing:
My son.  I have felt a little down lately but when he runs around the house like crazy and babbling, I can't help but laugh.

current indulgence:
Pumpkin Seeds.  I don't know if they are an indulgence but I have been obsessed lately.

current outfit: really don't want to know.  It's some bad pajama's.  So here is one I wish I had and could wear tomorrow.  (Courtesy of Pinterest)

current excitement:
Christmas of course!!!

current mood:
Tired.  Fo Sho.

current favorite holiday decoration:
The classic Christmas Tree.  I wish I owned this one.

current #1 item on your wishlist:
A beautiful camera.  Just like the one I wanted on my other wishlist.

current new year's resolution:
Yes...I am going to say it.  The ol' resolution (I actually prefer goal) of losing weight.  I want to lose it to be healthy and back to how I was.  However I am using my High School reunion as motivation.  Oh man...when will the world stop using their weight as their number one resolution.  I am such a sucker.


Alana Christine said...

I've never read the book, but the movie was really good! Someday I'll force myself to read the book...ha ha

Who wouldn't want Ryan for Christmas? I actually saw a guy who looked just like him working at the mall one time. I almost went up and asked him to marry me, but decided that would be a little creepy/pedophile-ish of me...

Mia Maree said...

I'm off to go get that Jamaican Cowboy :-)

J and A said...

You will love the help. Read it!!! And that drink sounds SO good. :)

Jennifer said...

Love that nail polish! What's the name of it?
You have to read the Help! It's so good. It does take a little to get into it but give it a go and see if you like it.

I think I will be investing in some small white trees after Christmas this year for sure.

Thanks for linking up!

Shannon Marie said...

I just re-started The Help yesterday! :) I'm only 75 pages in but I'm hooked! Definitely take the time to read it. Have a great day- l that outfit too. I'm in sweats so don't feel bad! xo

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you about the color grey. I think it's taken over my closet.

Jessica Renee said...

I would love to get Ryan Gosling wrapped just like that for my Christmas gift! hahaha! That tree is so freaking pretty too! And like you, I really want a camera for Christmas!! :/

kyna... said...

OMG, that nail polish is freaking awesome! I LOVE grey! Grey and two color obsessions when it comes to my wardrobe! :-)
♥ Kyna

Melissa:: Strong Sense of Style said...

Love The Help, Revenge and Ryan Gosling! And that polish is good looking' too. Sorry you've been down.. the holidays are hard. I hope things are on the up & up for you soon. :)

gina said...

I am SO in the mood for a Jamaican Cowboy right now. And the drink from TR would be good, too. ;)

Cori H. said...

I tend to do a bunch of link-ups in the middle of the week because I'm so exhausted from work. That polish color is so pretty! The outfit is really cute too! I wouldn't mind having it!

Trish said...

Losing weight is on my resolution list too - it always is! Maybe next year my resolution will be no more weight loss resolutions :)

Alida said...

I enjoyed reading The Help. It was much much better than the movie!

Monica said...

I loved The Help, and I am so with you on that nail polish, its hot!

Lost&Found said...

I love Ryan. I have loved him since Murder by Numbers, too! And he is definitely cuter than a puppy, LOL.

Hope you have a happy weekend!


Shellsea said...

I prefer to say goals too! I love the blessing one, my son is mine as well.

Anonymous said...

wow, we have a lot in common! LOVING your current nail polish, play list, and celebrity crush!

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