Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Wish List

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Today is all about your Holiday wish list.  Well mine is definitely that ... a "wish" list because I know I won't be getting most of it.  (The Ipad2 I got awhile ago counts as Christmas from my husband)  But's still nice to dream. :)

I really want/need a good camera.  I feel like the photos I get of Mason are just poor quality.  Hopefully someday soon my wish will come true.
This handbag from Fossil.  It is completely out of my price range but I LOVE it.  (I found this purse on someone elses wish list but I don't remember if it was you let me know!)
A cute handmade IPad2 sleeve.  Found here.

I need a new Packer hoodie! Found here.
This Wisconsin Love print from this Etsy shop.
A hand stamped necklace with Mason's name and/or birth date on it.  I will be buying this myself from Etsy with my Christmas money from relatives.

Then of course I need some Season's of my favorite TV Shows!
- Modern Family
- How I Met Your Mother
- Happy Endings

And Finally it would be awesome if Santa could pay my property taxes!  Now that would be a great gift!  Can't wait to see what is on every one's wish list!  They are some of my favorite posts to read :)


LDR said...

I am a sucker for a good fossil bag. That is super cute, but I think Hubs may kill me if I get another bag :) I got a Jo Totes for Christmas already.

Monica said...

I love that necklace. HIMYM is a great show, I think I should add that to my Xmas list too!

Kodie said...

I LOVE the Packers hoodie (of course :) ). I pretty much told my dad anything Packers or Badgers is good for me and he gladly said ok (I'm like the son he never had when it comes to

And that handbag is to die for!! Every few years I buy myself a nice, expensive handbag and I thin I'm overdue for one :)

Jessica Renee said...

That's an awesome list! I really hope you get everything, especially that fabulous camera! ;)

Alyssa said...

That handbag is SO cute! Love it!

beckaboots said...

I LOVE modern family! And I love your whole wish list. Looks good to me! I'll have to make one now.

If Work Permits

Shellsea said...

I have a DSLR on my list too (like for the past two years) they're so expensive!

Meghan said...

Ok, I am kind of dying over that bag!

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