Monday, December 12, 2011

Thank You!!!

First things first...I have reached 100+ followers and I can't believe it.  If you were to ask Guss how excited I was about this he would tell you I was very crazy!  Just a shout out to #102 and #105 (you know who you are!) *BOBBY B.!  BOBBY BOBBY!*  I apologize to you who don't understand that.

So this past month I have been privileged to have received 3 awards!  I received the "Tell Me About Yourself Award" from {K} at Our Little Corner, and the "Liebster Award" from Trish at Everyday Trish & Maggie from Glitz & Grammar.  I feel so special and loved! I hope you go to all three of these blogs and give the love back to them!  They all offer something unique and different!  

So for this award I need to tell you guys 7 things about myself.

1.  I am a TV junkie.
2.  My favorite colors are yellow & brown. (what a mixture, huh?)
3. When I watch 'House Hunters' I am constantly yelling out loud at the picky people.
4. I want to run my own small town bar someday.
5. I would rather have a pajama day then a dress up day anytime.
6. I am obsessed with checking my email.
7. I was named after a character on a soap opera.


LDR said...

Yay yay yay! You are so deserving! Congrats!

Katie said...

Swagger Coach!
Congrats on having over 100 people! I'm 105.
Woop Woop!

Trish said...

I yell at the TV when I watch House Hunters too! "Oh this paint color is awful." THEN PAINT OVER IT YOU DOPE.

Amanda said...

Yay congrats!!!

Monica said...

Congrats! I am with you on the PJ day anytime!!

beckaboots said...

Congrats on the bloggy awards! So fun :)

If Work Permits

Kasey said...

Congrats on breaking 100 followers and getting the awards!

Alana Christine said...

I yell at the people on House Hunters too! And they're always like "this is too small for entertaining...?" REALLY? Who entertains THAT much?

And congrats on reaching 100 followers! I'm jealous!

Haybaby102 said...

I got a small idea of how excited you were for your 100+ this weekend...congrats anyway!

Meghan said...

Congrats on reaching such an awesome milestone! And I am so with you on House Hunters - the people can drive me nuts!

Melissa at Tall Blonde said...

Yay! So exciting! And I want to own a bar someday too, but on an island by the ocean :)

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