Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Right Now...(OK Last Night)

So I am jumping on the "Right Now I Am" train (which I got from Lindsey's blog The Pleated Poppy)  Oh, and this was written "right now" as in last night around 10pm.

right now i am…

watching:  Rizzoli & Isles - glad it is back...it gives me something to watch during the winter break for all the other shows
eating:  nothing right now...but had Thai food for supper.  And it was delicious!
drinking:  a Miller Lite
wearing: Packer pajama pants, a white T-Shirt, and a Competition Cheer Zip Up Sweatshirt from 2001 (wow that's a long time ago)
avoiding:  wrapping Christmas presents.  I wrap the presents my parents give to my whole family (except mine).  And if I didn't they wouldn't get wrapped and that just isn't Christmas!  But there is a lot!
feeling:  like a Debbie Downer about life right now.  hopefully it will be gone by the morning.
missing:  the Internet on the phone I had to give up today to save money.  I have had it for 5 years and relied on it for so many things!  Facebook, twitter, email, being able to check a football score, look up restaurant phone numbers...OK I am just depressing myself more haha
thankful:  for a husband who loves me, a son who learns more everyday, and great family & friends...cliche I know but totally true
weather:  It's a warm December night at around 30 degrees...and that is warm in a Wisconsin winter
praying:  for safe pregnancies/deliveries for some family members
needing:  to clean the house.  Whenever we go out of town for the weekend we come back and throw everything on the floor and relax the rest of the day. Well...it still isn't picked up.
thinking: about bills that need to be paid...boo
loving:  all of the Christmas lights when it's dark outside...makes me happy.  hugs from Mason.  meaningful gifts from someone special.  a warm house. sweet comments from readers. 

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