Wednesday, October 5, 2011

23 - Part II

P -  Something you wish you had done in your life - 

I feel like this one is actually still on-going for me.  Something I wish I had done, was find out what I wanted to be (career wise) a whole lot sooner.  I plan on going to back to school soon for Nursing which I am excited about.  However...I already went to college for 5 years! (That includes transferring and taking a semester off).  

I'm jealous of the people that were confident in what they wanted to do or go to college for in High School.  But me?  I applied at a Tech School to be a Police Officer and I was accepted, but then changed my mind.  (I wanted to work the K-9 unit but apparently you need to put in a lot of 'regular' police work first).  Then I went to 2 Universities...and this is how my majors went (brace yourselves):  Psychology, Double Major of Psychology and Graphic Design, Graphic Design alone, Advertising, German, and finally Art-Liberal Arts.  Now I am on to Nursing...I'm crazy.  I love the major I actually got a degree in but in today's world, and the area I live in...I have no options.  

My mom is a nurse and I like the thought of being able to work almost anywhere in the United States and in all different kinds of settings.  So now I start the task of applying for school.  Scary.  

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