Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Monday!

Last Monday I linked up with Kasey for "Healthy Me Monday".  Well Kasey made some (good) changes and changed it to "It's All About Me".  Pretty much the post is...all about yourself :)  It can be anything.  I will probably stick mostly with weight but today I am taking the random questions Kasey used on her first post for IAAM.

50 Randoms

How do you like your steak? well done.  My husband likes medium rare and I also joke I can still hear the cow mooing.

What is the last movie you saw at the theater? Bridesmaids

What is your favorite salad dressing? Ranch all the way

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 08 Green Ford Escape

What is your dream vehicle? I love my car, I just want it to be a bit bigger when more kids come along.

What would you do with a million dollars? pay off school loans, debt, the house and probably do a little shopping :) oh and buy a pontoon boat!!!!

What is your favorite fragrance? "Cool Waters", "Body" Body by Victoria

Are you a people watcher? definitely

Are you a morning person or a night owl? night owl...I get it from my dad.  I am really crabby in the morning.

What are your favorite pizza toppings? pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, and green olives

What is your favorite flower? lilacs

What is your proudest accomplishment? getting my Bachelors Degree and having a baby

What are your personal weaknesses? Strengths? Weaknesses: confidence Strengths: I'm a really good listener

What is your favorite book? The Great Gatsby (cliche but true)

What are your current favorite songs? Someone Like You by Adele, The More I Drink by Blake Shelton, The Cave by Mumford and Sons

What is your favorite color? yellow

What is your favorite drink, alcoholic and non? Alcoholic: Beer (miller lite), Riesling wine. Non-alcoholic: OJ and milk

Do you drink coffee? all the time...I am addicted

Do you go to church? Um no.  I am looking for one though...and that is one of my 101 in 1001 goals.

Do you wear contacts or glasses? Both.  Mostly contacts but glasses on lazy days.

Who is your favorite reality TV star? I agree with Kasey...Kendra.  She is funny.

Which would make you feel more appreciated by your significant other: bringing home flowers, doing a chore without being asked, or asking you on a date? doing a chore without being asked.  that would be heaven. :)

Have you ever regretted a relationship? yeppers

What year did you graduate high school and did you go to any reunions?2002 and I went to my 5 year reunion. I actually had a lot of fun with the people I hung out with and the people I really liked.  Of course there were the stuck up people who were still stuck up.   And I guess Kasey was there...I don't think we talked that time but I am sure we will at the 10 year if she comes :)

If you had to describe yourself as a child in one word, what would it be? Dirty..I was such a tomboy and always outside and getting dirty.

What do you love the most about your significant other? His sense of humor.

What is your middle name? Lynn.  It's my dad's middle name.

If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Nothing.  I really like my name.

What names do you you like for future children? Well for another boy it will probably be Emerson and girl we like Valerie and Riley.

Have you ever broken a bone? Nope, never

Do you set New Year’s resolutions? nope.

If you could get married anywhere, where would it be? If i had to redo my wedding I would probably want to do it outside (as long as the weather for sure would cooperate)

Are you an emotional person? for sure...I cry a lot (even for happy things)

What is something unique about you? I talk during movies and tv shows all the time.  I am constantly making comments, asking questions, etc.  I don't know if this makes me unique or annoying.

Do you like to cook? Bake? I like to cook but I'm not that good at it...I'm trying.

What is something that makes you feel good? my house clean, my kid clean and just relaxing.

How many siblings do you have? Ok I keep addressing this with a weird answer 2.5.  But technically I have 3 half sisters.  One from my dad and two from my mom.  The one from my dad I haven't talked to for 15 or so years.  The other 2 I was raised like they are my real sisters and not half sisters.  So there you have it.

How fast do you type? 80 (and sometimes 90wpm)  I used to play a typing a game so my typing is very very fast.

What is your skin tone? fair

What is your favorite quote? "We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us" Joseph Campbell

What makes you proud? When Mason learns something new.  When someone compliments him.

What are your goals in life? Have another (or 2 more) babies, find a good job.

What books are on your current reading list? The Help (just borrowed it from my cousin)

What’s on your Christmas list? No idea

How many times have you been in a wedding? Seven (including my own)

What is your favorite accent? Least favorite? Fav: German Least fav: British.

What is something you can’t wait to do? buy a new house

Who do you go to to vent about things? my husband, my sister, my cousin Katie, Candis, or sometimes my parents

What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? open a few windows and just relax

What is your favorite photograph of you and your significant other?
(I have shared this one before in my 30 Day Challenge but maybe some new readers haven't seen it)


Gentri said...

I've never tested my typing skills. I should. :) and I used to like my meat more well done as well, until a few years ago when I had some prime rib that was on the rare side. It was the best prime rib I've ever had.

Holly said...

I'm reading 'The Help' now too finally-- I saw the movie first because I didn't have time to read the book before so I'm anxious to read it!

Amanda said...

I watched bridesmaids this weekend and I thought it was good but not as good as all the hype about it. You should check out our motivate me monday! We are gonna do a link up with weekly challenges!

Kasey said...

Thanks for linking up!!

I will probably go to the 10 year reunion. IF I'm even invited. I never got an invite to the 5 year, but I saw Eli and he asked if I was going. I said "I wasn't invited". BAHAHA!

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