Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another installment of "It's OK!"

Its Ok Thursdays

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it's ok

...that i have never had Pirate's Booty until yesterday.  it is really good plus i love to say "you gettin' some booty" to my husband cry because my parents cat is getting put to sleep tomorrow (who is going to say it isn't?) take a shower with a small glass of wine after a long day...go ahead and judge but it is fantastic! make walking on the treadmill less horrible by watching trashy tv while doing it leave mason's room looking like this because he is just going to do it again tomorrow be excited that the mail comes even though it is hardly anything good think that your child/ren are the cutest in the universe...i think that is in the job description have a husband who embarrasses me by his dancing but everyone else thinks he is hilarious (try living with him) :)

...that my dogs are my "vacuum" when Mason throws food on the floor (everyday!)


Kasey said...

Sophie is our vacuum too. haha.

And I hear ya on the dancing thing. :-/ Dennis has the strangest moves. lol.

Sorry to hear about the kitty. :-(

Holly said...

It's totally ok to cry about losing a pet :( So sorry for your loss!

Our dog is our vacuum and there are no kids in our house lol.

Maggie said...

We had a dog named Hoover because he literally was our vacuum ;) Totally OK!! Happy Thursday

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