Monday, October 10, 2011

Healthy Me Monday

Healthy Me Monday

Today I am linking up for the first time with the fabulous Kasey and "Healthy Me Monday".

I have been trying for quite awhile to become "Healthy".  I had a physical in July and the doctor said I was pretty healthy except for a few things.  

1) Cholesterol - High cholesterol runs in my family and it's not good a thing.  I don't need any medication for it yet but I need to work on my diet.  Less carbs and more fruits and veggies.  That's my problem...carbs.  I love pasta, bread,'s an addiction.  

2) Vitamins - because of above said cholesterol, I need to take 1200mg of Fish Oil a day.  Thankfully they make odorless fish oil pills.  Then along with that I needed to up my Vitamin D so I just started taking a Women's Once Daily Vitamin.  My problem?  Remembering to take them.

3) Smoking -'s disgusting, and yes...i need to stop.  Not that I need to defend myself but I don't smoke around my son, in the house, in the car, or even during the day when my son is awake.  But as my doctor said, if I'm smoking only a few a day then just why not quit?  So I am definitely working on that.

4) Weight - No surprise I need to lose weight. (waaaayyy post baby weight)  My goal? 45 lbs.  It was 40 but summer was filled with too many cookouts and beer :) 

5) Me - this one I added myself. Trying to be more "healthy" is just taking care of myself better.  As a mom to a toddler sometimes i am too tired to wash my face at night.  Then, during the day I am wearing pj type clothes and not showering until 4pm (if at all).  So I'm really trying to wash my face more and put on some real clothes (and maybe some makeup) during the day.

And all this starts today...I don't want this to be a quick fix or a fad but a new way of living.  My son is becoming more and more aware of things and I want him to be healthy...and I need to show him how!

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Kasey said...

Thanks for linking up! :-) Good for you! I just know that when I have kids, it's gonna be a struggle for me too. I don't like a lot of fruits/veggies but I definitely want to introduce them to my kids but I'm gonna have to make myself eat them too!

It is so hard for me to remember my vitamins too. I even have the daily pill box and I still can't remember! That is on my 101 in 1001 list - remember to take them on a regular basis!

And I'm not even a mom and I still wear comfy clothes during the day and sometimes don't shower until 3 p.m. :-/ I should work on that too.

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